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  1. Yaxerins

    What age are furries?

  2. Yaxerins

    Photoshop soft shading & airbrush

    Hey there all. I've been working primarily in Photoshop lately to gain a foothold and some experience in digital art. I'm a big fan of soft shading, especially with the airbrush tool in CS3, but I can't seem to keep the colors nice and well blended. It turns into a badly gradiented mess... Often...
  3. Yaxerins

    male or female?

    Male Real life, female Dragoness. Although more due to personal beliefs than furry O.o I'm just more comfortable playing female I guess :/
  4. Yaxerins


    I'm straight, but rather "comfortable". I think I may be gender confused or something, I think I'd be more comfortable if I were the opposite sex... Either that or I'm just lying to myself ;P
  5. Yaxerins

    Drawing and shading by hand

    I could go either way. The tablet is fun for me, but most of the time I sketch things out on paper first and then "ink" it in photoshop. I'm learning how to do digital work, but likewise I'm not neglecting graphite, charcoal, ink, and all those other fun traditional goodies :D
  6. Yaxerins

    Need Furry Artist for Wolf and Furry Creature

    I try to play "jack of all trades". If I don't know how to draw something, I'll study it for a day before starting a drawing :D I may be able to come up with some drawings if you want. I'll send ya a PM.
  7. Yaxerins

    Parkour Furs

    Reverse these numbers, and you'd be correct. Parkour is kind of like skateboarding, not really done to increase skill so much as to increase image, and use it in passing conversation. That's how kids work. __________________ Tell that to the Traceurs and traceureses in Washington...
  8. Yaxerins

    Requests and trades, oh my.

    Heres a linky: http://yaxuv.deviantart.com/art/Yaxerins-Refsheet-103262914 If you want added challenge, try making an anthro version of her! Thanks! I'm willing to do trades N' stuff if not just for practice!
  9. Yaxerins

    Any Airsoft Players?

    Yep, I've got you covered! Airsoft UTG Accushot Master Sniper + 4X32 Mil-dot scope I wasn't able to get a good picture, so this will have to do: I had an MP5 and M4AI, but both of them were pieces of crap and broke within the first six months. So I tried a different venue, diving into...
  10. Yaxerins

    Musical Furrys

    Flute for 6 years Electric/acoustic guitar for 2 Bass for 2 years Drums and keyboard On and Off for about a year Just lately have gotten really into vocals, I can't get enough eh?
  11. Yaxerins

    Artists: Gender?

    Male Artist, Female dragon. More comfortable as the latter, which leads to rather awkward moments o.O In an effort of bad segway usage, I'm working on improving my art quality, but I don't have the guts yet to show anything explicit yet XD. I'll just quietly work on that and post whatever else :D
  12. Yaxerins

    Hey hey

    Been on FA but haven never gotten around to creating a forum account >.< Anyways, name's Yaxerins, or Nick, (though I prefer the first :D) Looking forward to some crazy forum-posty action!