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  1. NinjaWolf041

    Campfire Tails : Oregon's First Furry Convention

    Hey everyone this is Koda here Campfire Tails Co-Happening (read event) coordinator, and I just wanted to drop in and tell you about our wonderful little camping convention we have going in Auguste, in beautiful Lapine Oregon. "On the far Eastern side of Oregon beyond the sprawling mountains...
  2. NinjaWolf041

    Making wolf ears on a bennie help.

    So I have been thinking about it and I think it would freaking bad ass to go snowboarding with some wolf ears and possibly a tail. I tried looking online to see if I would just buy some any where but didn't have any luck, so I guess i might just have to make them. The problem is I have no...
  3. NinjaWolf041

    Random Furry Sightings

    Has anyone just randomly ran in to a furry before? If so, did you introduce your self and how did it go? It was really odd, so I was at work today just doing my normal stuff when I just randomly look out the window. There just so happens to be someone walking across the street.....with a tiger...
  4. NinjaWolf041

    Hello all

    Well i am still somewhat new to the furry scene, i have only been a furry for a month. the community is really nice and it cool to know that their are other people out there with the same interest as me. I have been posting on another forum and occasional come here and read the forums, so i...