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  1. ChikaraWolf

    Where's the Dubstep community on here?

    Just wondering who listens to Dubstep or any other genres that are closely related to it. Post what your listening to at the moment or what your favorite song is, I would love to know and have a listen. :)
  2. ChikaraWolf

    Some things to help with depression

    Hello... So as you can read from the title this thread is going to be about depression. Now, I can be happy one day and sad/depressed the next, and I've learned a few things that might help some people. 1. Try not to be alone for long periods of time. Once you are alone your mind can gather...
  3. ChikaraWolf

    I'm bisexual, how do I explain to my parents?

    Hi, I just wanted to know if any of you had advice on how I could come out to my parents as bisexual. I've been keeping it (secret) for almost a year now and I feel as if it's time for them to know also. Thanks to anyone who gives me advice or is just motivating me to do so.
  4. ChikaraWolf

    Hi Everyone!

    Title to this is kind of sappy, but hello! I'm pretty new to the Furry Fandom (Known about it for about a month and a half) and feel as if I've been missing a lot of stuff until I found Furaffinity! I've always been attracted to this sort of thing when I was a kid and completely forgot my love...