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  1. Blue Snowangel

    Help me Fight Eviction

    Our landlord has been very lenient with us, giving us extra time to pay the rent given the current financial situation. However, his goodwill can only go so far and we need some extra money very badly to stay in our home. So, this auction isn't for anything neat like a convention or new tablet...
  2. Blue Snowangel

    Open for Sketches

    I feel the need to create some sketches and I lack inspiration. So, I am opening myself up for some free single character sketch work. I can currently handle 5 slots and so that's what I'm going to offer up. One per taker. :-) 1. Truhls 2. Werevixen 3. RTDragon: Working 4. Magnus 5...
  3. Blue Snowangel

    I'm broke, help!

    Well, here I am setting up another auction, in huge need of money. I really need help making ends meet, currently being the sole means of financial support. I do work quick and, so far, I've had no complaints and lots of happy faces. Anyway I am offering up a new auction for a single...
  4. Blue Snowangel

    Help Blue, Buy Line Art!

    I need to come up with some money for bills, big time. While I don't mind being a starving artist (it's good for the waist line lol), I do mind being a starving artist in the dark. To combat the tide of money drain, I am offering up $10 line art. But wait, there's more, ha-ha!! For $10...
  5. Blue Snowangel

    Hi hi!

    Greetings one and all!! I'm Blue and I'm new to these forums. I found FA through a monthly art exchange I participate in and decided to sign up. That was about a month ago. Today I decided to join the forum. Anyway, I love drawing anthros. I get a warm fuzzy inside when I do. I'm old and...