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  1. Mataki

    Hiring: Hiring $50-$160 Budget (CLOSED)

    Hey! I'm open for commissions. https://t.me/matakicommission
  2. Mataki

    Hiring: looking for a redesign/ref sheet commission ($20-$100+)(closed)

    Hey! I do reference sheets in this style for 85$+
  3. Mataki

    Hiring: [CLOSED] I need artist to make a ref sheet for my first fursona! ($40-$75)

    Hey! I could do a reference sheet like this but without chibis and muzzle (only front and back) for 75$. Another example is here.
  4. Mataki

    (Commission) Selling: Mataki's commissions (20$+)

    Important information! PRICES: PORTRAIT/ICON (with shading and background) 30$+; REFERENCE SHEET (two views, two chibis, muzzle and information about the character) 85$+; FULL BODY (with shading and background) 60$+; HALF BODY (with shading and background) 45$+; FULL BODY (sketch/doodle) 20$+...
  5. Mataki

    Hiring: SFW & NSFW Commissions [$150-$300]

    Hey! I'm open Commissions 2020 by KaroMataki on DeviantArt
  6. Mataki

    Hiring: Seeking artist for reference sheet ($300 budget)

    Hey! I'd love to draw a ref sheet for you :) Check my commissions info: Commissions 2020 by KaroMataki on DeviantArt
  7. Mataki

    Hiring: In search of two SFW commissions (One w/ 2 wolves - $150 budget | one w/ 1 wolf - $75 budget)

    Hey! I'm interested in both commissions :) Commissions 2020 by KaroMataki on DeviantArt
  8. Mataki

    Hiring: Looking for artists ($67)

    Hey! I'm open for commissions :) Commissions 2020 by KaroMataki on DeviantArt
  9. Mataki

    Hiring: Commissions Buying ($100-250)

    Hello. :) My ref sheets start from 85$
  10. Mataki

    Hiring: Male, Nude, Anthro Insect art needed [$80-$120]

    Hey. :) I could do a ref sheet for you for 80$. That would be something new for me because I usually don't draw insects. Here are some examples of my art: More: KaroMataki - Student, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
  11. Mataki

    Hiring: Ref Sheet Needed (CLOSED)

    Hey! I'd love to do ref sheet for you :) Prices start at 85$ More examples of my work: KaroMataki - Student, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
  12. Mataki

    Show off your Sona Art!

    Ohh Mataki has a lot of art! Check out here: http://sta.sh/229g9l4ed56k?edit=1
  13. Mataki

    Mat's commissions

    Hey there! I'm looking for people to commission me. I mostly draw canines but I also can draw reptiles. Feral/sfw/nsfw ! Prices can be found here: http://karomataki.deviantart.com/journal/Commissions-info-OPEN-627052656 I hope someone will be interested haha. Have a nice day!