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    More Stability

    In response to this: 1) It was a problem with high load on the servers we couldn't replicate till we put the high load on the server that FA generated. 2) In order to load balance between two database servers that would require two database servers to load balance between. But that...
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    No warning?

    We were trying to plan a longer warning time, but the speed in which submissions were coming in and such ended up moving the schedule up too fast for us to give proper warning. We are also hoping that the new server and everything else we are doing now will make the site faster and more stable...
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    New Inbox Layout

    As the lead developer on Ferrox, we are planning on a full visual refresh for the entire system. I must say that this design is closer to what we are looking for for Ferrox than what we had before. It is cleaner and smaller and much easier to navigate in my opinion. What are people's problems...
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    Database optimizations

    We still aren't fast enough. Currently trying to narrow down the issues to particular accounts.
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    Database optimizations

    And then the DB server got overloaded again. Also now removing any messages about journals that users have recieved that are over 6 months old as well.
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    database optimization

    I have fixed the message, I did not remove any favorites. All I removed was old messages in your user messages box which resulted from people on your watch list. Your watchlist is still there and all your favorites too.
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    they're removing watched submissions?

    I am removing old messages. Nothing about favorites or watch lists. I have just removed some of the older messages that result from the people on your watch lists.
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    Database optimizations

    As a clarification now that this is done, I am removing old messages in your user messages about journal and submissions. You can favorite anything you want. This is just about old submission and journal messages you recieve. Sorry for any confusion. The optimization is nearly over.
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    Database optimizations

    Currently I am removing all old messages about submissions from people on your watch list which are older than 6 months. This is needed to optimize the database to keep things moving smoothly. I am sorry for any inconvinence that this might cause.
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    Call for Coders/Helpers for Ferrox Project

    All of the notes sent up through now have been processed. If you haven't received a response I must have deleted it by mistake or am still trying to figure out what to do with your note.
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    Call for Coders/Helpers for Ferrox Project

    Don't blame Eevee for your teacher not teaching you the easy way to parse form input in Perl. The CGI module has been out practically forever. It's been on CPAN since at least 1998 and I know it has existed long before then. Doing some googling. Pushed the date back to at least 1995 from here...
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    Call for Coders/Helpers for Ferrox Project

    First, Ferrox is being written in Python. This is not at all up for debate. Second, PHP is a horrible language. Yes, since PHP is Turing complete, technically you can do anything in PHP as you can do in Perl or Python or Ruby or any other language. But the comment about no need for security...
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    Call for Coders/Helpers for Ferrox Project

    There is currently no planned compensation.
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    Call for Coders/Helpers for Ferrox Project

    I should be sending out responses to everyone, making lists of who is on what teams and such tomorrow. The flood of notes has finally abated and I will be going through them tonight.
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    Call for Coders/Helpers for Ferrox Project

    Because even though PHP and MySQL you can find more "support" for, that does not mean that it is better. And yeah, we are elitist. I want to make FA as good as possible and that means finding the best programmers possible. And really, in my personal opinion, if you are a good programmer, the...
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    Call for Coders/Helpers for Ferrox Project

    Thank you for all of the responses. I am currently inundated by just the vast number of people who have responded. Just to add a couple of notes, net-cat is right and we are using Pylons and SQLAlchemy for the new version. Any sort of Python experience will be looked upon much higher than...
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    17 Aug 2007 Updates

    The site is now back up.
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    Any update on Ferrox / Search?

    We are currently working on Ferrox in our copious free time. Search for "Proud to be a Soldier" by Tom Lehrer to get the reference. If you are interested in watching the development at all or interested in helping. There is an IRC channel on the same network as #furaffinity, #furaffinity-dev...
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    The Mozdoc Chronicles (Admin)

    RE: The Mozdoc Chronicles As much as we are lulzing at this guy, he obviously has serious mental issues and, even though it has been scrubbed from most records, used to be a member of the national guard. This guy is dangerous shit and I am currently trying to work out getting him taken in for a...
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    Unoffical Contest From Crypto! Grand prize $70 cash! Everyone wins!

    I just got my first submission but there is still plenty of prizes and such to be had. The first submission is by our very own Alkora. Still looking for more. Hope to see more entrants soon :)