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    Need advice on painting backgrounds (Has NSFW arts)

    Every time I paint a city or certain backgrounds it ended up looking quite rough and doesn't look polish or finished. (NSFW stuff here !) http://d.facdn.net/art/soonico/1411730618/1411730618.soonico_wolf_macro_2.jpg...
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    Questions about asking to a famous artist

    I'm not sure if it's a right place to tell or not but do any of you guys usually ask any artist that you like some questions or tips related to their artwork/technique ? I know some users from tumblr does that but what about in FA ? I'm curious to know because I'm trying to learn one of their...
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    Need Critique

    Hello there, Recently I've made this christmas art and after uploading it and checks back to FA in the next day,my exposure ego starts to haunt me :shock: I really want to get rid of the exposure problem but it keeps haunting me T_T I need to join this site to critique my work because...I...
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    Hello there, I am new to this forum but I do already have a acc in FA. I'm also from Malaysia so I would be happy to find a fur user from MY including those who can draw too.If you ask me about drawing,I only draw in kemono style (aka,japanese furry style) but so far draws canine and feline...