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    Internet Explorer needs to die in the face! Help me do it!

    That process is not Internet Explorer (lowercase iexplore); it is a virus. See http://www.jimmyr.com/blog/IEXPLORE_EXE_Virus_230_2006.php .
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    openCanvas 1.1 - Draw With Others

    Well, here's a quick tutorial. Hopefully, it helps. :D
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    openCanvas 1.1 - Draw With Others

    I can whip up some oC hosting/connecting tutes with pictures when I get back this evening. I love oC'ing. :D (Though it can be buggy at times.)
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    The Stick Figure battle thread

    Painter oils for the hair and face. Photoshop for everything else (ie., adding texture to the sweater; I think it got jpeg'ed out). It's a pain to decide which one to use. :D
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    The Stick Figure battle thread

    Colored, but gave up halfway through. :D
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    Random Hobby question

    Mostly, I look around for new things to learn. :D Sometimes new things push knowledge of old things out; that's a bad thing. o_O
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    Best beverage you ever had?

    Alcoholic: A properly prepared smooth Long Island Iced Tea, or a similarly smooth Yellow Bird. Non-alcoholic: Sparkling Cider, or almost anything with bubbles. I have a weakness for bubbles. The finer the bubbles the better. :D
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    Movies that destoyed part of your soul

    The only movie that I ever wanted to walk out on/fall asleep in (and I've seen a lot of bad movies): Van Helsing. Where were... any of the elements of plot and/or compelling characters?
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    To widescreen or to not widescreen

    I love my widescreen monitor and the aspect ratio out of aesthetic reasons, as well as having more space to store menus and pads while I work on art. For games that don't support widescreen modes, I just turn on centered timings, so that they don't get stretched (they are displayed in the center...
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    *** 2007 FurAffinity New Year Party Thread ***

    Happy New Year, everyone! Would have said it at local midnight, but at that time, I was sound asleep. :)
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    Looks like I'm brethren with the heathen scrawlers. :D From astro class: From about 2 seconds ago: yes, I'm moebius_w. Permanently reverted back to my oldest nick for the new year. PPS: And now for a demonstration of extreme laziness: I just realized that I wrote 2006 instead of 2007, but I'm...
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    Adobe actually listened to us!

    Free lossless rotation of the canvas, as you would a piece of paper, in order to make more natural strokes. Painter has had this implemented for some time. Photoshop can rotate the canvas in a roundabout way, but it's not lossless. See...
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    Vodka, wine, Jaegermeister, champagne, and a few mixed drinks I enjoy if I'm out in a nice restaurant with friends or during a celebratory occasion. If at home with friends, I'll settle for a Smirnoff wine cooler, but other than those, I don't really like other types of alcoholic beverages. I've...
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    "Furry" Comics Online :3

    Fur Will Fly -- comic ended so you can read the whole story.
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    What's Your Haul?

    My missing Farscape DVDs FTW! I also got the better half her missing Star Trek DVDs; Paramount finally released the animated series, featuring M'Ress, probably the first serious furry anthropomorphic on television! In other news, I also got: 2 blood red silk shirt and tie combos, from separate...
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    New Type: Guro

    Heya dookie, Welcome to FA! :D
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    Merry Xmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone! I'll be spending the rest of the day at the g/f's parents' house, so no comp for awhile. :D Art later, hopefully. Track Santa's sled! o_O
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    IRL name thread

    Ronald, named after Ronald Reagan. D: How horrible. Anything further, I'd have to know you in person. Sorry. :D
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    N00b question about tablets

    Try one out. You'll never go back. :D As for seeing what you're doing, you can see the cursor moving on the screen and your brain is already wired to accept that cursor as being your pen in your hand. That's really all you need to see. I could talk about this forever, but it would just get...
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    N00b question about tablets

    Only the expensive Cintiq's have screens that you actually look at to draw. It's not hard at all to draw with the blank tablet. You draw on the screen, and never look at the tablet (hand-eye coordination). There's nothing of interest on the tablet to look at anyway. It's similar to how you play...