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    Really Difficult Games.

    Diablo II on hell is really sucky. I think with another person it's plausible, but alone it's too likely that you're going to run into something that is immune to you. Even with my sister it's still incredibly difficult. We're in act 3 where gloams 2HKO you. It sucks. Has anyone ever played the...
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    How did you discover the furry fandom?

    Growing up I just always had crushes on many of the characters in cartoons. I started off looking into porn of the human characters, and then slowly made my way towards the non-human ones. Eventually I found furaffinity, where I found that a plethora of artwork was attractive to me. I just sort...
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    oh yeah! Definitely saw that earlier... it's wayyyy tripy, I really liked the hand/dancing skeleton interaction though, good times! :D
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    New Years

    I resolute... to making 2008 better than 2007! ...which will be hard, considering 2007 was lotsa fun for meh...
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    Stupidest things you've ever heard

    In high school, I remember the following happening. To set it up, there were a bunch of dumb 7th/8th graders doing stupid stuff around campus, and we were eating lunch nearby. One of the kids was about to throw away some fries that were on a plate. "No! Don't do that! Feed it to the black...
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    Do you wear: Contacts, Glasses, or none?

    Wow! That's a lot more people than I expected that have to have an adjustment to their eyesight! Having perfect eyesight = ^_^
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    The Youtube thread

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=cUEkOVdUjHc Learn English!!! http://youtube.com/watch?v=1dmVU08zVpA This is actually one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Definitely the best SNL skit out there.
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    How did YOU become interested furry?

    Well... I basically used to be into lots of hentai, and eventually stumbled upon Krezz Karavan (who's my personal hero). Turned me on to the whole idea of furryness... then eventually I stumbled upon FA, and, well, here I am now! :D
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    Who wants to ride the SLUT?

    That's actually hilarious! I think that it's almost worth quoting in my sig...
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    what would you do if you saw this

    9-1-1 seems like the best plan in general.
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    Who wants to ride the SLUT?

    Salt Lake Utah is another one that has the same acronym.
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    Am i weird for...

    Nope, I do that lots of times, or at least try to. Am I weird for strongly disliking jeans?
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    If a girl bangs a guy with a strap-on dildo and he enjoys it, does it make him gay?

    RE: If a girl bangs a guy with a strap-on dildo and he enjoys it, does it make him ga I think that pleasure through the anus, though it is the main thing that gay people do, does not signify gayness. All it signifies is the want for other forms of masturbation, not attraction to other males.
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    The "what would you do" thread

    I would probably go see a doctor about that. What would you do if you woke up and someone was touching you in your sleep? :twisted:
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    Hello fellow furs, I want to play a little game

    I would find the nearest cliff, have myself helicoptered to it, and then jump. If I was feeling lousy, maybe I'd just jump from the airplane.
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! who else here plays?

    I agree with that statement 110% Yugioh (in my opinion) doesn't require skill, since every busted card can go in every deck. There are also no mulligans and there are easy turn 2 or 3 kills that happen. The only reason I ever played yugioh is to win my local tournaments so that I could get...
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    Wish Corruption 2: Genie's Revenge

    Granted, but you obtain it through being a whore for a long time, and you eventually end up with some incurable STD. I wish that I had someone close to me to snuggle with right now...
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    Species change

    *giggles* I'm sort of in the same boat. Being a fox or a wolf would be really awesome, but I'm too much like a cat (and like cats too much... funny how that works out) to imagine being anything else! (I've never heard of a dancing dog... hehe)
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    Any Roleplayers?

    I love rping! ^_^. I've only done it with furries tho... and only on AIM/YIM... but I love it!
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    FurAffinity Or FurAffinityForums?

    Can't it be both? Well.. .I guess if I had to choose one it'd be FA... after all, as Scarlet Fox mentioned, no pawing to the forums. Heh.