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    What browser do you use

    Safari 4 Developers Preview. Firefox is just slow as all hell for me, so I use Safari instead. Maybe it's faster than Fx because it's just a Dev preview and doesn't have all the extra junk in it yet, but either way, it runs great, and I absolutely love the ability to create WebApplications right...
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    Time to steal more server space.

    Yes. After being gone for nigh on two years, this waste of bandwidth is back. WHA-CHAA!
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    Muzzle/Paw critique? (fox)

    You don't need to fix shit.
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    Crit this heap NYOW!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/685591/ Yeah, I needs MOAR crit.
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    Could someone give my art the once-over?

    Okay, so I was lazy and never switched my color from Black to Red... so its like... a GrayLine or something. So, you can either move up the wall line, or hide it altogether. I noticed when I moved the wall that the window looked abnormally long, so I cut it off with a windowsill.
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    Mouse or Tablet?

    I've got myself a Wacom Graphire 6x8 Bluetooth. Got it for around 120 USD too. I love it, sure finding a Bluetooth adapter was a pain, but after getting it set up and paired with my terminal, its all been peachy keen. Its great, and you get used to using it as a mouse fast soon too.
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    Otakon Role Call!

    AYE CAPTAIN! One more soldier reporting sir.
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    I'll be attending. BLOW IT OUT Yore EAHR!
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    have you or do you?

    I've been accused of not watching enough Yaoi. I never watch TV, I'm to busy working, writing, and not drawing.
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    Ruiner's requests and crap.

    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/151884/ Yeah. Haha, its kinda funny.
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    Need Characters.

    I only need in-depth names for my bridge, yes? My other ships don't need such attention, right?
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    Haven't you heard? the Wiggles are setting up concentration camps in Elizabeth, NJ~!
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    Need Characters.

    I suppose I'll have to steal the Battle Group Commander position, I'm good with tactical solutions and such (of course, that would be Tac.Com. but I digress...).
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    Need Characters.

    I wasn't talking about the HHGTTG movie. the movie sucked really bad. And in F.O.R. I'm talking about when the spartan jumped the gun, and just yelled out into his com, but it was on the FLEETCOM channel, so he spammed every ship within range. As for the Fleet ships, i would be cool to be a...
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    Need Characters.

    It was a reference to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Aaaaaanyway... I'd be flattered if you would pop me in there as well, but I'd like to run about in the Fleet division. Skye Korolev. And if you've read any of the Halo books, the FLEETCOM channel gets spammed in the second...
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    Need Characters.

    Sarcracians sound like the people of Krikkit. And if you don't know about the Krikkit wars, the Wikkit key, and the Slo-Time envelope, you ought to brush up on your galactic history. Because at this point... you suck at life.
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    Ruiner's requests and crap.

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    Ruiner's requests and crap.

    Pfft... I dunno. Im finishing up the coloring on Molotov's bit. RUINER! YOUR GOING OUT OF ORDER!!! Well, I really liked this request, so I did it first faceless asshole!
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    Aspiring New Artists come here!

    Its Critique. Aaaaany who, welcome to whatever this thing is.
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    Aspiring New Artists come here!

    For starters, the arms are way too short. The neck (I know its a hard angle) is just off. And, the back of his right thigh should angle towards his left thigh more.