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    Recent FA Outage Explanation?

    Agree with you on the code, although a few have made it sound like it's all just GPL code copy-pasted around. Regardless, that does give him legal leverage, as he put it together. And yes, the domain is currently registered in his name, but I'm guessing that a legal arguement could be made...
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    Why FA was down, but is up again now

    It appears everything is back up for the moment. Either an agreement was made, or Alkora has been watching the forums and noticed that... well, we got around that little DNS hijack, and nothing was accomplished. 1.) Buy domain of popular furry-related website and direct to goatse 2.) ...
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    FA Down?

    Complete with Fender not being able to eat his tie, because FA was down.
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    Um WTF!?

    Just a little clarification here, since websites aren't cars, and neither are businesses. Alkora owns the domain name, not the site as a whole. The "www.furaffinity.net" address. The servers, data, and so forth are another matter, if posts in another thread are to be believed, and are all...