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    Looking for two Character NSFW commission (~25$)

    Good Morning, I am looking for artists capable and willing to draw a two character digital picture with NSFW content. The characters involved will be hermaphrodites. What am I looking for? - Artists who have experience in: Older characters ( age visibly showing), Hermaphrodites, Thicker...
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    Looking for affordable art (NSFW)(Budget 30$)

    Currently I am looking for an artist to draw one or several ideas I have on my mind. They range from single character design commissions to couple pictures. They all got in common that they will be adult rated in content. There are few requirements for the artist, as always, to consider...
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    Hiring an artist for character design commission (Budget 30$)

    Good Evening, Commission Content: An artist to help me designing a character that is on my mind quite a time. I never found someone really up for the task so I am making this thread. The character in question is an avian, most easily described as a tropical songbird ( not a set species, rather...
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    Looking for character design/rework (Budget: 30$)

    I have an idea on my mind which does begin more and more to form to such an extent that I would like to have it drawn/ put down on paper/file. At the same time I am also looking forwards to revamping one of my older characters, modifying it drastically. What will be the subject of the art? It...
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    Single/Couple Character Picture (Budget 40$)

    I am looking for an artist to either get a very detailed single character image with simple/minimal background or a couple commission. Both possible images are adult-themed. Requirements for the Artist: MUST haves: 1) Experience with chubby characters 2) Providing of W.I.Ps in every stage (...
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    Help with Character Design (Budget 25$)

    I am looking for an artist to help me with creating a character I had in mind for a long time. The character itself will be a mixture of following species: Feline (Big cats), Bear/Ursine and possibly smaller fragments of other species. However as I do have only a rough idea and nothing very...
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    [SOLVED] Art Threads deleted without explanation

    I am trying to open up a thread in the Art market as I am looking for artists. I looked at other, obviously approved threads and also read the sticky Threads. However even if I include a budget and all the stuff the others do as well. My threads are always deleted, I never get a reason as of it...