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    XBox Live All nighter Parties =]]

    I might not be able to play ALL night, but I'm interested. My gamertag is: Scavenger48187.
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    Anthro/Furry game genres you wish should come out?

    First or even third person shooter
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    What game got you started?

    Several games got me hooked, Disruptor, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Duke Nukem were the big ones.
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    What if we were hunted...

    I would start to hunt them and pick them off one by one.
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    Global Call of Duty 4 Gamertags list

    My clan is TS71, you can add it if you like.
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    Trying to acquire a nice collar too, parents probably wouldn't let me get one though.
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    My mother asked me about "furry" today.

    I find it extremely hard to call you a fur, I suggest you just get off these forums now.
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    Ever feel like your hated?

    I don't feel hated much, more often alone and that no one knows about me.
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    The Arrival of a Dragon

    Cool, maybe I'll send you a friend request.
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    Michigan Furs

    Anyone on here live in south-east Michigan outside of Detroit? The area seems to be lacking in numbers of Furries, if anyone does live around here please let me know!
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    The Arrival of a Dragon

    Hi there, my signature is the long version of Semper Fi, which is Latin for "Always faithful"
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    The Arrival of a Dragon

    Lol, thanks.
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    The Arrival of a Dragon

    Yeah, same goes here, I'm glad to see another Dragon or two, that's a shame though, the Xbox 360 is really awesome, but I never did really try out the Wii.
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    The Arrival of a Dragon

    Why yes, I do often write stories, I enjoy it very much.
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    The Stargate TV series was great, but I doubt it could make a very succesful game.
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    Anyone on Call Of Duty 4?

    I play COD4 a lot, my gamer tag is Scavenger48187, and like Rambo said, "I'll give you a fight you won't believe."
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    XBox 360 Live gamers

    I play on LIVE a lot, mostly on Call of Duty 4, my gamer tag is Scavenger48187, send me a friend invite if you like, I'm always open to new friends, especially Furry ones!
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    Whats your character?

    A western Dragon, mostly black with some blue, usually anthro form.
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    What weapon does your fursona use?

    Focke-Wulf uses an M16 on burst setting, it has a digital camo pattern and has an ACOG scope on it and it kicks serious rear end. 8)
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    Poll time! :)

    Dragon, meerkat, husky Xbox 360, London, pine tree