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    Trying to find a Radio station in L.A.

    First off I don't live in L.A. but I can tell you I found this station driving north on The 15 in the desert. It was a rock station by the name of "the Fox" had a female host (at least it did last year) and I want to know what frequency it plays on so I can find it's website Much appreciated And...
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    AU vs. SC

    Y'all think Auburn is gonna win? Yeah... this is wayyy off topic
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    Am I insane?

    This has been bugging me for a while, sometimes I will be cheerful and happy but if even something minor goes wrong I will just have a breakdown and start having thoughs about stabbing people and can't seem to become motivated to do anything until I foucus on something else. I have trouble...
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    Gene Simmons might be a furry!

    Hey yall i was watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels tonight and there was part of the show where he and his son were walkin around comic con in fursuits, like quality stuff not an ape suit from the halloween shop, Gene's actually had a fan in it so mustve spent a couple hundred on his. Just...
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    In a world of furries would this forum exist?

    I probably shouldnt have to explain this one.
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    What is the best way to get to sleep?

    Hey y'all I been tossin and turnin for about an hour now and I thought yall might have some idea that don't involve medication.
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    If it was a world populated by furs, would there be werehumans? Or would there still be werewolves, except it would be like fox to wolf or wolf to somethin else?
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    Colt or Beretta?

    Which is better: Colt M1911 chambered in .45 acp Beretta 92 chambered in 9mm I favor the Colt.
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    Arbiter or the Chief?

    I was just remembering Halo 2 and thought about how I always considered the Arbiter better. Who do you like better?
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    For foxes only

    I am curious about the number of gay vs bi vs straight foxes out there. And if the title didn't explain it clearly enough THIS IS FOR FOXES ONLY TO VOTE ON!
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    How many plushies are in your room?

    I was looking at my bed and remembered I had my beanie baby collection under it somewhere, so that mean i have about 30 - 40 right now. How many do you have lying around in your bedroom. (FYI I am not a plushophile, I just don't ever throw stuff away)
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    What would annoy you the most...

    After posting a thread about what you would do if you became a livng furry, I had an idea. What would be the most annoying part of being a real life furry (in a world where all furries/scalies/avians became their fursona). I would motly get anoyed that: I could get fleas, heartworms, and...
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    Different stereotypes?

    I was wondering are there other stereotypes in the fandom than that foxes are whores? Post any that you know/created yourself here. Just curious.
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    Who remembers this one?

    Delta Force 2. 1999, gameplay over graphics. I would call it the CoD 4 of it's day. But can CoD do this?:
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    I want another computer besides my lenovo. Other than it has a 4 year warranty and it is my only computer, should I get something else? (No Macs, I am not cool enough for one) Looking for something with phenomenal internet and gameplay that fits a light budget.
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    If you use it, why do you use firefox?

    I use it because I reduce my virus chances, and for the speed.
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    Which branch would you join?

    If you had to join any branch of the service which would you? I would join the Air Force.
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    You wake up one day...

    You wake up one morning and your lower back hurts really bad (only for those who sleep on their backs{thank you willow for the clarity}), your nose feels damp, something is bothering the tips of your ears ,and you feel really hot. when you open your eyes their is a muzzle sticking out where your...
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    Which art do you like the most?

    I like the fandom for the art (not the yiffy stuff). Specifically the comics, acting, and thewritten stuff. What art forms are your'e favourites?
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    Is freefall really a furry comic?

    It only has one "furry" character. Beyond that it is just robots, humans, and aliens.