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    Need opinions on a scifi pic

    Which one looks better? the 1st one or the 2nd? The original pic is the second but I just changed the pic's colors and realized that in blue tones it looks good but don't know if better What do you think ._. ? (and critique is always welcome)
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    Taking a few dragon requests

    I'll have some free time today so i'll be able to do 1, 2.. maybe 3, who knows, dragon requests. I want to use this like comission practice, so I'll try to do my best! I draw western dragons, realistic style. I need a reference sheet or pic or something. But not just a description plz. An...
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    Taking dragon requests -Closed-

    closed until hell freezes over
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    Open for dragon requests

    Hello there! Well, as the title says, I'm open for dragon requests. Why dragons? because Is the best thing I can do. I suck at drawing wolfs, humans, furry animals, etc. I can do dragons and all kind of mythology creatures. (But not furry creatures, erm..). If you want to know me a little bit...
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    *waves* :]

    Hi all! I' new here. I'm a fantasy artist; I draw dragons and mythologic creatures. I'm a little bit crazy. I have also an account here in FA, VampirePrincess007 . I haven't much pics, but I will upload more. I think that thing of the mates is funny. *giggles* Will I find one? Nope, I don't...