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    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    Oh shi- MY SAMMICHES WILL BE OPPRESSED NO MORE VIVA LE LUNCH. I second this motion. Not just because he told me to in a journal but also because I'd love to see the artistic process of some of my favourite pictures. :D
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    The Folding@Home FurAffinity Team

    True, but I think the main impetus is to have millions and millions of computers running the program as a unit to solve the problem, rather than devoting one supercomputer to the task.
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    Official Star Fox discussion thread

    Maybe they wanted to make her more of a 'mature' character, since she played a larger role than in SF64? They did the same with Bill. Poor Bill. :[
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    Official Star Fox discussion thread

    You mean the alternate route?
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    Official Star Fox discussion thread

    D'you mean the favourite boss being R.O.B.? I figured you were alluding to the old conclusion that the robot at the end of Sector X was created from R.O.B. o_O
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    Fox vs Bunny!

    Fixed for truth. :P
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    Official Star Fox discussion thread

    My fave was Starfox 64 too. I personally liked Zoness most, mainly because of the awesome music, and despite the fact that ocean was polluted, I liked the water-based environment moar than Aquas. Falco is my favourite character, for he is the sex and badass in Smash Bros. >:3 Sector X was...
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    XBox 360 Live gamers

    Yeah, Supercar was the suxxor. :/ I ended up just completing a buncha races to improve my driving (I also only need that, otherwise I'm maxed too)... Taking the SUV to that dirt track where you killed one of the mexican gang bosses nets a few dozen easy points too. Oh, and my gamertag is...
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    XBox 360 Live gamers

    ... Ooooh, awesome. :D *goes to try it*
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    XBox 360 Live gamers

    On Crackdown: I've got just about everything maxed out except driving. D: I've heard the quickest way to level up said driving skill is to keep the Agency SUV on hand then kill a bunch of gangsters to trigger a hit squad, then run them all over. yea or nay? I needs me sum points!
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    *** 2007 FurAffinity New Year Party Thread ***

    Those + my AK = the real way to bring in the new year! (without all the messy results of real bullets, heh.) :D
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    502 Bad Gateway error

    Me too. It's unbelievably frustrating. I've gone through three bashed keyboards already...
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    What all do you do away from the Comp.?

    Work, jerk, and shoot shit. :D Okay, just paper. Still..
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    um, guys . . .

    I was lucky enough to have -5. :3
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    Voting furries

    I voted for the first time ever on Tuesday. :3 I was gad to see most of the voters chose paper over Diebold (although that may have been due to the fact that four Diebolds had 'out of order' hanging on them...). Yay for participating in the Democratic process.
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    Watching habits?

    Dude, I'll watch a fur just for having an awesome avatar, watching/faving me, or just appearing to be a cool fur. :D
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    WHO IS GOING TO FC 2007?!

    I'll be there the entire time. ;D
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    FA Code Update: Project Ferrox

    One thing I just noticed that y'all might fix with the update is the 'Favourite website' in everyone's userprofiles. No matter what URL you imput, it'll aways like to 'furaffinity.net/*', * being the website you put in. :O For instance, if I put in Newegg.com, it would try to link to the...
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    FA Code Update: Project Ferrox

    Presumably for people with common interests. I'm looking forward to fursona species groups, myself. :D I can't wait for these changes. Definitely going to get an upgraded account. Love the banner and custom 404 ideas.