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    Time to steal more server space.

    Yes. After being gone for nigh on two years, this waste of bandwidth is back. WHA-CHAA!
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    Crit this heap NYOW!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/685591/ Yeah, I needs MOAR crit.
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    Ruiner's requests and crap.

    All rightie. 1.Dave Hyena-- Antoine 2.Ilikeyourart-- The sludge thingie. 3.TeeGee-- Joe Randomdude (Turns out to be David Bowie...) 4.MolotovCaracal--Van (Actually looking forward to this one, heh) 5.Blacklamb--Trevor 6.Wolf E. Urameshi-- Himself 7.Visimar-- Blightcrow 8.Vivix-- Mohawk 9.Spirit...
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    Can you say OWN?! This is my three-hundreth post in three months ( although the first month of July doesn't really count, so its more like two months). I deserve a present.
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    I rally rally need an artist!

    I want a drawing that may take some time, because I know its gonna take alot of skill... I want... ...AN EGGPLANT.
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    I need something to do. I mean, I have a few drawings I've been needing to do, but I really don't fell like doing 'em. Im pretty sure its because the other projects have no sense of urgency. Their just for me. So I figure if I do requests I'll be strapped for time and be efficient, even if the...
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    HOLY CRAP! (I need color-action!)

    Yeh. I need someone who knows Photoshop/any editing software in the universe (and some alternate universe formats) To color this here drawing. I'd also like the white backround to be... well, white again. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/37590068/ HOY! Ah, color cues, of course...
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    Holy Wowzer-Bowzer in a Brown Paper Bag!

    Ey all! Im new here... well, not too new. My computer exploaded a day after I originally joined FA. But I've gotten a new one, so its all good. I draw some, so I should be dumping that stuff around, once I get my camera working. (No scanner, you see) So yeah.