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    Timewaster Thread #1 Useless Inventions

    Name a useless invention that you know of. Rules are only one invention per furr on each page. This is so it gives everyone a chance. ok, me first. A water proof tea bag.
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    Anybody Out there?

    Just an attempt to see if there are any people who go to this site are from New Zealand!!!
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    Avatar request? (please! *falls onto ground and begs*)

    Im really looking for someone to make me a new avatar of Bane. Heres a ref. of him now. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/208227/ Hope somebody will do it. Rather a manga/anime sort of style. Will someone please? *Falls onto ground and begs.* :cry:
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    Anybody want weapons requests?

    Ok, be serious here, I'm a cruddy furries artist, but I'm pretty good at black and white simple graphic sketches, like shelled cretures, or guns simply. NOw, who wants a gun drawn? Make sure it has some detail, and is........well, sort of beleivable.
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    Half Life 2 Multiplayer

    Just a game I have only just started getting into really, and found I am very good at it. But as a general question, how many furries play it online?
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    C O.o lest, yet so simple

    Dunno about the rest of you furrs out there, but I came across this addictive mini game on deviant art. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40255643/ You are a little man on a sledge and you go across lines that you draw. Its so awesome! You are able to make mentle ramps and stuff, try it...
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    Artist needing your help (trades)

    KK, so I have dicided to draw more now right? My only good stuff I can do I think is like black ink like drawings, (its best when I draw the dead). So, I wondered if anybody wants to trade. SO I can draw more differents things, and recieve a picture too. I prefer to draw picture refences and...
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    An art request please?

    I've been here in this position before, but erm, anybody up for another picture, please? Obviously another character from GOE. Silver wolf, with a dark personality. Wears a cloak, a belt, short, bear feet, and has long hair tied over his shoulders. Its a guy, by the way. His weapon is a katana...
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    Msn friends

    Hi, I have been on this forum for a while, just wondering if anyone wants to chat on msn? I am remx_pom@hotmail.com. Talk soon (hopefully).
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    Comic in creation

    Ok, I have come to a descision that I need a few good decent artists that are good at comic creation. I have a story that needs to be turned into a comic, and I need a few good paws to help out. And I am asking for free work here as well. But, if you would like to help, that wouild be awesome! I...
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    Fox vs Fox

    I drew this, but thought about what was going to happen in it. I was just wondering, who would win? Vegex is on the left, Bane (me) is on the right. What would you vote? It would also be cool why you think that character would win. Me, I think Vegex would disarm Bane as it looks like he is...
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    Trades Anyone?

    Hey, heres your picture Vegex, its a little light though, I'll go over it again darker tonight if you want. I also designed a sword.
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    *Help Me!* I would like a picture done!

    Erm......I may join like FA soon.....but I was looking for someone to do my fursona perhaps........Please oh god! I couldn't draw to save my life!
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    GOE novel

    Yeah, I have been writing a novel for like a long time now, and I just got a few questions. One, is how many other people in this forum are writing a story? Oh, and just letting people know that if they want to know more about my story, just PM me! Cool
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    Halo 2 glitches

    Ok, well, I have like played this game ever since it came out, and one of the things I used to do on it was hunt glitches and stuff. I know like almost everything to the game, except not much on the multi maps, more over the campaign. If there is ANYTHING about that though, just ask.
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    *Please read me!* Have a role in a story.

    ===Read this please first before replying!=== I started to write a story that was furry based at the start of the year. Its looking good, but it needs a little work. I was writing the other day when I suddenly ran out of characters ideas! Nooo! So, I was wondering if anybody in this forum had...
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    Horrible Pain *@#!*

    I know some of you here are blood thirst furries, and you all have a dark side. If you had an opportunity to torture and finish off the person you hated most, how would you do it? Myself, I would skin someone alive with a potatoe peeler. Ouch @#! (I am not really evil, and sure that none of you...
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    New Guy

    Yeah, I'm the newbie here, just here to say hello to eveyone. *Waves*, heard about this place and thought I would join, so here I am. I look forward to meeting some of you.