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    Confuzzled travel plans

    Hey there everyone! So confuzzled is starting in exactly two weeks from now. I've paid for hotel room and everything. My only concern is exactly how to go about travelling to the Hilton. My plan is to take the train to Birmingham international station and then take the taxi service to the...
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    Possible return to unironic internet

    www.reddit.com: r/surrealmemes - [META] I created an analysis of postmodernism in memes This reddit post is (surprisingly) informative and thought provoking. It essentially says that we're going to go back to that old style of meme that wasn't a commentary or mockery of anything. In the...
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    100th anniversary of WWI

    I would like everyone to know that tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. One of the worst tragedies in human history ended a century ago tomorrow and I would appreciate if you all showed a little respect for this special occasion.
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    Difficulties with confuzzled

    Hey there people! So I've been planning to go to confuzzled in Birmingham (UK) and this has grabbed the interests of some good friends of mine. However one of this is pretty much broke right now and I am raising money for him to go by selling off old Lego. The problem for me is that the Lego...
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    So what's this fuzzy thing about?

    I remember a few weeks ago my sister mentioned seeing an ad for something called fuzzies. She described as furries but more kid friendly. I haven't found any info about it online though. Does anyone know anything about this?
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    How is squirrel and hedgehog propaganda?

    Alright so I'm nearing the end of the North Korean animated series known as squirrel and hedgehog. What I was told by multiple sources was a propaganda thing. However I see no such thing in this cartoon. I have been watching the series with subtitles and have seen nothing alluding to the...
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    My fursona is now complete

    Thanks to artist you can now say hello to a fursona I have simply named. His personality is kinda reminiscent of Han Solo in the sense he's a sarcastic and cynical type but isn't as self interested.
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    Alright, let's do this fursona thing!

    The day someone finds out about this I am going to massively regret it. But screw it let's do it anyway. So I'm gonna need an artist (obviously). I want it to be an anthropomorphic cat (I was thinking something like Blaze the cat or Mae). I have about £20 to spend (which I think comes to around...
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    Well this is awkward....

    Having a long history with things such as Sonic the Hedgehog (and a bunch of other stuff) my interest finally peaked and I have become interested in engaging more with the furry community. I've always been drawn to anthro animals and with the growth of the furry community in recent years here I...