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  1. Abilify

    How do I tell what's socially acceptable from what isn't?

    Most people will account for cultural differences, and would step you aside to discuss with you why something is wrong before the general populace sees it and wants to stone you to death, so you should be good. That level of social organization and cognizance does not exist in most of the...
  2. Abilify

    What would you call your BOAT if you had one ?

    I would name the boat “Tijuana Disillusionment.”
  3. Abilify

    Do you have any Prized Possessions?

    My house, my firearms, and my 2014 VW Jetta GTI wagon. I’d say my wife and son, but you can’t legally own people anymore in this country.
  4. Abilify

    How do I tell what's socially acceptable from what isn't?

    Does it hurt someone else physically, psychologically, or runs counter to their sensibilities? If yes, it’s probably socially unacceptable.
  5. Abilify

    Your perspective on spirituality

    I am spiritual, but vehemently against organized religion.
  6. Abilify

    How often do you shave?

    Four shaves per haircut, so I average one shave per two weeks, but I trim everything between then.
  7. Abilify

    i'm so sorry

    Don’t let it bother you, but if you’re worried about it next time, abide by the adage that “It’s better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
  8. Abilify

    Quotes that you like

    “Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.” - H. L. Mencken
  9. Abilify

    You wake up in your birth year at your current age

    I would have been able to fight in Bosnia.
  10. Abilify

    What was the dumbest thing you were scared of as a kid?

    That the shadow people that came to visit me at night could see me from the other side of a door through the doorknob, so I believed that they couldn’t see me if I covered myself up completely with my blankets. I was also deathly afraid of a starry, night sky for a long time because I believed...
  11. Abilify

    Alien civilisations would probably not be humanoid

    I’m too far down the rabbit hole with cryptoterrestrials and astral beings to participate in this discussion. That being said, I agree with the premise of OP. It’s highly unlikely that anything intelligent we find will look like us unless the condititions for intelligence and social organization...
  12. Abilify

    Dragon module

    I feel that the United States, China, and Russia should collaborate in a space program for the sake of showing what humanity is capable of in terms of the big projects like colonization, while the private sector and smaller countries can handle the smaller projects such as satellite launches and...
  13. Abilify


    The house I just bought. I need to relearn the forum tag system.
  14. Abilify

    What would an ideal world be like?

    Politics is literally the dialectic between and action of individuals living with one another. As for me, I believe in an extremely limited government built on a foundation of rights guaranteeing both positive and negative liberty, which puts me at direct odds with both authoritarianism and...
  15. Abilify

    Extracts of The Makings Of Americans

    I believe in the frontier thesis, in that American civilization was formed on the frontier, as it provided a level of freedom unknown to the oversocialized old world. It was specifically that the founding civilization was responsible for establishing cultural institutions that go back all the...
  16. Abilify

    Do you watch Asmr?

    I listen to ASMR and intend to begin recording videos. Any specific triggers for anyone? Tapping is the big one for me.
  17. Abilify

    Worst experience with another community/hobby?

    The Tea Party was one of the most annoying things i’ve ever been a part of. Online, it consisted primarily of old people trying to meme, and insufferable people IRL.
  18. Abilify


    My name is Connor. I am an army veteran and a former forum regular who went by the titles “Jesusfish” and “Torrijos-sama.” Making my return here to little or no fanfare.