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  1. Jack

    Further Confusion 2010?

    who's all gonna be there? who's been b4?
  2. Jack

    strangest book you've ever read?

    strangest book you've ever read, peeked at, or seen but not dared to read. I've peeked at the "Necronomicon" once before, but 10 secs into it, it started to freak me out! that and I couldn't read the language it was written in. the cover was this gnarly leather, it looked like it had a face...
  3. Jack

    who's all going to RMFC?

    rocky mountain furcon, who's going? it'll be my first. and i cant wait!
  4. Jack

    I need a little help please.

    I'm looking for a good place to find "dummy sketches" something for poses. if anyone knows a good website for that, do tell. :D
  5. Jack

    copyright questions.

    is it against the copyright thing to use a pose from another picture? also what if your drawing style is almost identical so someone Else's? I don't want to rip anyone off, I'm just trying to get a character sheet completed.
  6. Jack

    I'm up shit creek.

    ok everybody ignoar this thread. or an admin delete it. apparently everyone here just wants to thrash me.
  7. Jack

    fursona pictures.

    post a picture of your fursona.
  8. Jack

    soul calibur 4!!!

    have you played it? did you like it? personally I can't get enough of it. also: sorry if I misspelled the tittle, I submitted before spell checking.
  9. Jack


    can a persons artistic talent dwindle, if one does not draw for an extended period say around 3 weeks or more? because I have not drawn anything in awhile, and frankly I feel like crap because of it.
  10. Jack

    were Jack.

    I just thought it would be fun to make a Hulk like werewolf form of Jack. I am working on a picture of it as well, too bad I don’t have a scanner or I would eventually post it. Description. Species- were fox/wolf. Height- 12 ft. Weight- 2000 lbs, before skin becomes metallic...
  11. Jack

    ever been hit by a bullet?

    ricochet or directly? accidentally or (less likely) intended? I got hit in the foot by a bullet from a 22 caliber handgun. I shot at a target on a fence post and I guess I hit something else, because the bullet came back and clipped my foot. no stitches just a small hole. I almost had...
  12. Jack

    what was your first impression?

    when you saw the fandom what was your first thought? and has your outlook changed on the fandom any?
  13. Jack

    Alternate fursonas?

    do you have any different variations of your fursona or entirely separate fursonas? I have 5 so far. Jack. (Good.) – A fox/wolf with skunk like stripes on his back. – is a skin morph can change the material of his skin. Connor. (Good.) - A cheetah with purple eyes - hypnotic...
  14. Jack

    fursuit head Idea!

    what about using a football helmet with no face mask for the Base of the head on a fursuit and continuing from there? from the measurements I took I think it might work, and simplify it a bit as well as making it more comfortable.
  15. Jack

    ok then.

    since every one else is posting their fursona descriptions, I'll post mine. Name: Jack Age: 18 Sex: male Species: fox/wolf Height: 6’5” Weight: 210 Appearance: tall muscular. - Hair and fur: long hair. Medium length Brown, black, white and Grey fur - Markings: tribal - Eye...
  16. Jack

    Dream job/ future job?

    your dream job/ future job. my dream job is to be a wild and or zoo animal raiser, caretaker & trainer. that has always been my dream and my passion. I often go to multiple zoos and help with the infant animals as a volunteer summer job, it is a lot of fun and I want to make a career of...
  17. Jack


    has anyone ever flipped a 4 wheeler over onto them self? I did yesterday, I was drifting on the newly tilled rocks in our driveway. and I just was going into the turn when the rear went too far to the side. I bailed when I was sure it was going to flip but to no avail, I hit the ground and...
  18. Jack


    got one to tell? just let er rip. Quick and easy laughs, just add some good jokes. I'll start. people are saying that I'm an alcoholic, but that's not true, because I only drink when I work... too bad I'm a workaholic.
  19. Jack

    stupid stunts.

    have a story to tell of a stupid idea or jackass stunt attempted? like these. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MyXdgvNduc&eurl=http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=stupid+stunts&hl=en&sitesearch=
  20. Jack

    Fursona's jobs?

    what does your fursona do for a living? My fursona, Jack is a bounty hunter who is somewhat like Blade in his fighting style.