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  1. Arbiter

    Slipknot, Dragonforice, or Disturbed?

    seeing as though these 3 bands are on tour together, i have to ask the question, which band is better and why? oh, and feel free to diss any of these bands as well :)
  2. Arbiter

    Large Text

    does anyone know how to create large text or font to use here in the forums
  3. Arbiter

    Need help daving screenpages

    Need help saving screenpages i am having problems trying to save screen pages, like the one your looking ar right now. does anyone have any tips at all to help me out
  4. Arbiter

    So... what happened?

    something about Rilvor and a bunch of other posters getting banned for posting SPAM?
  5. Arbiter

    Riku The Jammy Boy

    Hehe my new fursona... Name: Riku Height: 4'6 Weight: 250 lbs(most of the fat is on his belly) Tail Length: 2ft(Fox like tail, tip of tail being white and the rest all red) Species: Jammy(human teenager transformed and age regressed into a 8 year old body who is very overweight...
  6. Arbiter

    know who did this? (need help)

    im looking for a particular artist who did this drawing from this video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q8MTedV_iM the pic runs from 4:53-5:04
  7. Arbiter

    Know who did this?

    Im lookig fow whoever did this artwork from this video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q8MTedV_iM the artwork fruns from 4:53-5:04
  8. Arbiter

    Request from a fat snuggly vorish roo :D

    I was wondering if anyone could do a request to draw a sketch of a character that in mind for a story i will be doing very soon. DETAILS: Race: Jammies(humans transformed and aged regressed into little kids with a foxlike tail and pointy ears. Weight: around 250 lbs(the weight goes mostly...
  9. Arbiter


    I just downloaded it today on my computer. havn't had a chance to play it yet, but im hoping it better be good cause i had to wait over an hour for the installer process to show up :(
  10. Arbiter

    What's your favorite Free online RPG?

    Yup, i know there's a lot of them out there, so the poll's gonna be kinda lacking, but is there any Free RPG game that you play online? Ok how do you put a poll into a thread after you already posted it?
  11. Arbiter

    Arbiter: The Fat Snuggly Vorish Roo

    Well, might as well talk about my fursona while i am here hehe. Arbiter is a 16 year old kangaroo male, about 4'8 and weighing over 950 lbs(yup, he's a fat fur alright). He usually wears a white shirt with a rainbow on it, which is ripped to expose his huge fat belly. His pants are ripped...
  12. Arbiter

    DeviantArt or FurAffinity? Which is better for furries?

    ok, since theat FA is going to be down for at least a week or more, and i know that alot of furries have DeviantArt accounts, my question is, do you guys prefer DeviantArt or FurAffinity more for art, meeting people, etc etc?
  13. Arbiter

    The Official "FA is down and I need to make a post about it!" Thread

    Ugh, again? ok then so i guess this thread is now offically the place to go when FA is down, were we need to relase our anger and talk about it.... i guess
  14. Arbiter

    Alone in the Dark

    So, the new video game Alone in the dark came out for the Xbox 360 a few days ago and ive been hearing nothing but bad reviews. From bad story, glitchy gameplay, crappy inventory, and alot of other crap. Is it as bad as they say it is? I mean, it looks fantasic to be honest from what ive seen of it.
  15. Arbiter

    Anyone have a mate on Fur Affinity?

    I'm just lookig to know if anyone has a mate or has fallen in love with someone on there time here on FA. i myself am in love with someone and am getting mated with him today. yay me!!!!
  16. Arbiter

    Greatest Boss Fights of all time (MAJOR SPOLIERS)

    ok, since this thread hasn't been put up yet, might as well do it myself. pretty simple, name one of the greatest boss fights ever in all of video games, from inovation, from gameplay, to a whole bunch of other crap. WARNING MAJOR SPOLIERS FOR METAL GEAR SOLID...
  17. Arbiter

    Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots

    Finally, the game that pretty much everyone who has a PS3 was waiting for is finally out, and let me just say, it was worth the wait. The graphics are simply put, fantasic. So much detail has been put into the game it's not even funny. Voice acting is top notch as usual. Gameplay, while is sadly...
  18. Arbiter

    FA main site

    is anyone eles getting an error message saying site cannot be found or any nother problem? cause i cant seem to get into the main site
  19. Arbiter

    Main site Down

    i just had to know since there is no where eles to put this, but is the main site for FA having a downtime at all?
  20. Arbiter

    The World Ends With You

    am i the only one who thinks this game is one of the best games(if not the best) game on the DS right now? Im Really hooked to the whole experience of it. great gameplay that really challanges you, confusing, but none the less awesome story line, and plus, shopping. Yes, shopping, cause what's...