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  1. Zha'krisstol

    Non-christmas festive plans?

    Just wondering if anyone's got holiday/festive plans that don't involve anything christmas related? Me and my mate are going to be watching the sun rise at Stonehenge this Yule. I hope it'll be as magickal as i'm imagining it could be. We'll then be spending lunch at Avebury. This is the kind...
  2. Zha'krisstol

    Opinions about Encyclopaedia Dramatica

    NO RANTS, NO RAVES, NO FLAMING, AND TONE DOWN LANGUAGE PLEASE. THANK YOU. I AM NOT LOOKING TO START TROUBLE HERE. I'm just curious about what people think about that site. Since the furry fandom features quite heavily. What do those with or without a page on there think about it all...
  3. Zha'krisstol

    Use of original art?

    Here's the query; I drew someone traditional artwork of their character/s as a free request sometime ago, but they fell out of friendship with me a while ago. I drew and still have the original piece in my possession. Could i post a modification of the image here? It has been used as part of...