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  1. Drayx

    Looking for visual - sound collaboration

    Hello! Well, this is far from my domain of expertise... but what the hell? Please forgive me if I'm doing something wrong... I'm a hobbyist digital artist working on different projects. Lately, I've created more atmosphere-like and background-inspired art. I've heard in this forum some cool...
  2. Drayx

    What do you think of - Free Art

    Well, I was wondering what do you think of free-art-request. Is it beneficial for both the artist and the requesting person? Does it help for the communication? Is it making better artists? Do you have good or bad experience? I spent some time analyzing the possible reasons behind it - and...
  3. Drayx

    Is Furry art a failure?

    OK, I'm going to radical my stance in order to make the topic more spicy, so no hard feelings. I really want to know your thoughts on the matter, so feel free to comment, agree or contradict. I found myself at a journey to improve my art and envision the ideas I want to give shape to. When I...
  4. Drayx

    New Anthro Webcomic - tips and critique needed

    Hi there! Recently I've started to work on an anthro fantasy webcomic. The story is a mixture of adventure and mystery. In a nutshell: Naya is considered a monstrosity, hunted down at times, finding herself running away to survive. However, she is trying to overcome any hardship to achieve her...
  5. Drayx

    Theme art {closed}

    Well, I've waited a long time for this, so here I go: I'm going to create a special art-request, one which your OC can join others in a certain theme based art. Sometimes my own OC are going to join the fray just for the fun of it. Every pic will have a certain number of available slots with...
  6. Drayx

    Alice and friends through the looking glass

    I'm going to be harsh- Is it worth it? Is the movie that good or just a downfall? The previous movie was a great promise - and one of the most dull movies I ever set my eyes on. They just feed you with a lot of effects, CG, CG, CG - more effects, 3D shinnies and such. In order to suffer the...
  7. Drayx


    Hi there! Here is my art page if you want to check my gallery and show your support (or critique) :) Userpage of drayx -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ) I want to use this platform to promote other artists and creators and work with them. I'll work with Digital or Traditional artists, writers...
  8. Drayx

    Hi there! Any advice for a newcomer?

    Hi, My name is Drayx, a digital artist in my spare time. I like drawings (traditional and digital), reading comics and old movies. I'm not a new member of the community per-se, however I never was active in the forum and thought to get more involved. Right now I'm working on new things and would...