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  1. Timburwolfe

    [Public Service Announcement] Nasty Skype virus going around.

    There is a nasty virus going around on skype and I thought I should spread the word. This ain't copypasta, like most hacker warnings, and Ikarhan had gotten contacted by an infected computer. Fortunately the skype status had said "WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T OPEN THAT" so he never accepted the file...
  2. Timburwolfe

    The Debate Thread

    The Debate Thread (UPDATED; READ THE OP) Since I don't see a specific section for intellectual debate, I thought I would make this thread. How I plan for this to work, is if a new topic to debate is posted, you may quote it in your next post (which must contribute to the current subject) and...
  3. Timburwolfe

    Spur, my fursona

    Name: Spur Age: 18 Sex: Male Species: Dire Wolf Height: 7' Weight: 270 pounds Appearance: Tall; Muscular; Proud - Hair and fur: Black - Markings: Gray swirl-like markings - Eye color: glowing green eyes - Other features: None Behavior and Personality: Spur is a proud warrior who holds value in...
  4. Timburwolfe

    Congratulations, FA!

    Congratulations, FAF! Most users ever online was 4,707, Yesterday at 07:52 PM. That's approaching the 5k barrier guys. Frankly, it amazes me that there are so many people on a forum at once. Congratulations everyone.
  5. Timburwolfe

    Hello, FA Forums!

    Hi, I'm Timburwolfe, and I am rather new to the FA community. Having been a member of other VBulletin forums, I have already checked out the official rules and some of the guides that have been written by helpful community members. My likes include drawing, science, games (particularly...