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  1. Hydric

    YCHs in Famous Paintings

    YCHs in Famous Paintings *Updated w/ many paintings* Hello again everyone, I’m back with another YCH but this time I’m going to make a thread for the series I’m working on. I’m currently working on a series of paintings involving YCHs. The paintings are all about putting requested...
  2. Hydric

    Man With a Mission US Tour

    The rock/pop band Man With a Mission is having a U.S tour and I thought maybe I would help spread the word in the Fur community. Just a few things to note before I get blasted with hate: This was posted in "off topic" because I understand they have very little to do with anything fur related...
  3. Hydric

    Greetings future friends!

    Hello FA! As one would assume from me posting in this thread, I'm new! not only am I new to FA but I'm new to the furry community. I do not know any other furries or much about them but I'm willing to learn and I'm a very open person! I'm interested in the drawing/painting side mostly but maybe...