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  1. NXwolf

    Wolf fursuit for sale

    Less than 21 hours till my auction is done. I'm selling my wolf fursuit. All details are located on my auction on furbuy which can be found here: http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1034109.html Will still be accepting offers when it ends, but due to IFC, will not be relisting it until after IFC...
  2. NXwolf

    Database development

    Types of Projects: Access and Excel Prices: $300 minimum commission price. More info found on my profile. Examples: Examples are too large to be uploaded plus are not a supported file type for this website. Skype screen share is how I share my examples, so contact me to setup a meeting on...
  3. NXwolf

    Looking to get some pictures lined and colored

    If anyone want's to practice lining and coloring some pictures. Please refer to my journal here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3305189/ Please note, the 3 images are NSFW. Thanks, NX
  4. NXwolf

    Story writer (+possible pictures)

    Hello. I'm looking for someone that would be interested in writing a TF, TG, M/F, story (and possibly some pictures to go along with it), but that depends on prices and all. I'll send you details via the note system on FA should you be interested. If interested, please reply to this post with...
  5. NXwolf

    Fursuit head (BASE)

    I know there are a lot of fursuit makers out there, but I'm looking for a few certain things. I'm looking for someone that can make me a head base. I already have all the fur, but my girlfriend and I are not happy at all with our current attempts at making a head. Requirements listed below...
  6. NXwolf

    Looking for someone to color

    I've got an image (drawn traditionally and photographed) that I would like colored and if possible, a background put in. A forest like feel would be nice. use this picture to reference colors. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6611740/ Image can be found here. NSFW IMAGE
  7. NXwolf

    basic hand paws

    I'm looking for someone that can make me a pair of shoulder high pink hand paws (with strap band to help keep them up). Please provide a price with AND without paw pads (NO CLAWS) and include shipping in said price, otherwise given amount will be considered your total price. I have paw pad...
  8. NXwolf

    Looking for 2 icons

    I'm looking for someone that would be willing to make me two icons. Note me on my FA for details as this request is a secret gift for someone. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nxwolf/
  9. NXwolf

    Look for someone that can make a harness

    Title says it all. I can't really give details as I have to see an example first as different things look better than others in there own way, so I'm pretty open. Just post pic's of any examples you have with a link to your FA. I will contact chosen person via note and leave a reply here when...
  10. NXwolf

    I need some help/advice

    The maker of my suit did a WONDERFUL job, but I'm having one issue and have been putting this off for some time now and really would like to have it looking better before IFC (which is Aug 12th - 14th). Anyways, the body is kind of baggy on the legs. When I move my arms straight above my head...
  11. NXwolf


    Anyone know of any good furry RPG's out there? I've ran across a few, but nothing really realistic.
  12. NXwolf

    Hand paws needed

    Looking for someone that can make me a cheap pair of hand paws only. Nothing big. Just pure white fur with claws and paw pads. I'd like the fur to be of good quality and be pretty soft in touch. If your interested, just send me a note on my FA profile here. Thanks for looking. NOTE...
  13. NXwolf

    Need some help

    I'm going to attempt to make my own fursuit. I've found a tutorial that will help me in making the hand's, tail, and feet. I'm still looking for a good one that will help me create a body and a head (preferrably a wolf/canine head tutorial). If possible, digigrade and moveable jaw tutorials as...
  14. NXwolf

    Looking for art

    I'm no longer looking for comission's, so please don't bother replying here and/or sending me any messages as I will just ignore them. I'm looking to comission several (around 3-7) art pieces. These may be all from one person or could be 7 different people. What I'm possibly...
  15. NXwolf

    Looking for a ref sheet

    Looking for a ref sheet (closed) I'm looking for someone to design a ref sheet for me. I will send details via PM when I've selected someone. Basic's are it's a black and white husky/wolf mix. What I want is prices from everyone along with 3 ref examples. I want ref examples, nothing else...
  16. NXwolf


    Anyone ever been to CaliFur before? I have a good online friend that lives and hour away from CaliFur's location (both of us are furs) and I'm considering going thier during CaliFur next year so i can meet him, but neither of us have been to CaliFur before and I'm wondering what they are like...
  17. NXwolf

    Quadsuit makers

    I am not looking to comission one this year. It will be atleast 2011, if not 2012 before this can happen, I'm just looking in advance for possible people to comission from. What I want in one is it to be realistic. It doesn't need to be extremely realistic, but I don't want one that...
  18. NXwolf

    Looking for a badge

    I'm looking to comission a badge from someone. One lucky person will get one from me.:) Anyways, description of what I want. My character is a wolf. An example of the color's and stuff are in my sig. I want the badge to be an anthro wolf instead of the quad like in my sig. A basic...
  19. NXwolf

    Possible fullbody suit commission

    I'm currently not buying atm as I'm looking around for best prices. I plan to attend AC this year and would like to have a fullbody suit done before then, but currently I'm looking at Beastcub because I love her work, but my estimated cost (calculated by myself, not Beastcub) is just over $1800...
  20. NXwolf

    Any Indiana Fur's?

    Any Indiana fur's here? Preferrably northern Indiana. I'd love to have a furmeet and get to meet some people before the IndyFurCon.