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    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    I dont wanna be the only one and end up in a dark room where people in suits are doing tests on me. So no (:
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    You can only dream of such things (;

    You can only dream of such things (;
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    What is your sexual orientation

    I more of a fag than i'm straight but i still love both genders.
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    "Mostly" Gay/Straight/Whatever?

    well yeh if we're gonna talk about sex its more gay than straight (why u ask? because i look more at gay porn, and do gay stuff :3 it just fun)
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    "Mostly" Gay/Straight/Whatever?

    I cant put a number on it cause i dont know who i'm gonna fall in love with next..
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    Cosmetic Surgery, Too Far?

    No thanks, i'd rather stay unchanged..
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    How do you make friends?

    Making friends in college is actually easyer i think. because everyone is new in college. when i finished highschool very few of me friends there went to the same college.
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    Same here.. its just too damn easy :p
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    Just what, seriously can someone explain this to me?

    The world is full of surprises.. even people who want to die a slow death.
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    Furs by College/University 2

    Howest, in Kortrijk, Belgium and i think i'm alone :p
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    Furfags by age

    18.. nearly 19
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    Cover your ears..

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    Religion megathread-

    Religion is huge.. i wish i wasn't raised as a christian so i could choose for myself without disappointing some people. alltough i have nothing against the different religions they're all just different ways of keeping people busy, good, selfish and once in a while things go bad and stuff...
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    How do you make friends?

    just look around and start talking to people.. the wont just fall from the sky.
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    Talk To Yourself

    i talk to myself when i'm trying to find something like "where the hell did i put my laptop bag"
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    Cover your ears..

    Hey So i'm new, Tought i'd join the forums and make some fun. I'm in college learning sumthing what's called digital arts & entertainment, wich is actually a big name for 3d animation and game-design. Other than that i'm just a lazy bastard that likes playin on his ps3 and listens to a lot...