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  1. Zha'krisstol

    Lol whut? new forum features? Random...nice!! *pokes* Hi!

    Lol whut? new forum features? Random...nice!! *pokes* Hi!
  2. Zha'krisstol

    Haunted places

    I've had several 'paranormal' experiences. My Aunt and Uncle's 14th century grade 2 listed property has got several lingering spirits (farm animals from when it used to be a farm, and 2 old men from when it used to be an old-folks home). Then there's the ghost of a gamekeeper that haunted the...
  3. Zha'krisstol

    Non-christmas festive plans?

    Just wondering if anyone's got holiday/festive plans that don't involve anything christmas related? Me and my mate are going to be watching the sun rise at Stonehenge this Yule. I hope it'll be as magickal as i'm imagining it could be. We'll then be spending lunch at Avebury. This is the kind...
  4. Zha'krisstol

    Woman in trouble for naming a teddy bear after a prophet

    Fuck religion, carrying out threats/attacks/murders in the name of someone dead/made-up/terrorist/brainwasher is retarded. People don't believe anymore, just blindly follow, no matter what religion. If that's how Sudan (and those few Muslims calling to burn/hang/behead her) want to play it - all...
  5. Zha'krisstol

    Species and Personalities

    Why do so many furs loathe dragons? First it was humans and now furs? Bah!
  6. Zha'krisstol

    Will you still be furry at 50?

    I will still be Dragonkin when i'm 50 and beyond if my time hasn't come up. I'm 25 now - i have a household and car to upkeep as well as a full-time job; I still have plenty of time to think about dragonself and life.
  7. Zha'krisstol

    A Question to everyone on here

    I've been me (Zha'krisstol - Dragon) for 8 years now, with the odd minor changes in physical features and my full name (as a result of new memories).
  8. Zha'krisstol

    Your Top 5 Absolute worst movies of all time

    - Titanic - Crouching tiger hidden dragon - I know/still know what you did last summer - Blair Witch Project - The Wickerman (Nicolas Cage remake bag of shite) Also most disney and disney/pixar stuff There's loads more i hate, generally certain genres (chick-flicks, muscle-action, Jim...
  9. Zha'krisstol

    Opinions about Encyclopaedia Dramatica

    But this is the internet, many take themselves far too seriously and they are often too far up their own a** to see these flaws. Which is then a never-ending vicious circle in some cases.
  10. Zha'krisstol

    Opinions about Encyclopaedia Dramatica

    I wouldn't say it was all insulting, a fair bit can be, but i think that derives from people's recorded reactions to ED itself.
  11. Zha'krisstol

    Opinions about Encyclopaedia Dramatica

    Yep, it's the graphic gory photos that i find aren't a great help, i really don't want to see a photo of some diseased vagina or maggot-infested wound. I had gore when at uni (animal sciences).
  12. Zha'krisstol

    Opinions about Encyclopaedia Dramatica

    NO RANTS, NO RAVES, NO FLAMING, AND TONE DOWN LANGUAGE PLEASE. THANK YOU. I AM NOT LOOKING TO START TROUBLE HERE. I'm just curious about what people think about that site. Since the furry fandom features quite heavily. What do those with or without a page on there think about it all...
  13. Zha'krisstol

    Use of original art?

    Here's the query; I drew someone traditional artwork of their character/s as a free request sometime ago, but they fell out of friendship with me a while ago. I drew and still have the original piece in my possession. Could i post a modification of the image here? It has been used as part of...