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  1. Hydric

    Looking for an artist who can draw huminoid furries! (100$ limit)

    Hello Asomiakanawa, I think I can make a pretty kick ass painting for you of your boyfriend. I love tech wear and with the images you provided I’m getting an idea of what you would like. I can do a bust for $40 or a full body for $50 in water colors. Take a look at my FA and you’ll see I...
  2. Hydric

    Pick and choose comissions avaliable! [CLOSED!]

    Hey Elohiim, After looking over your options I think I could create something pretty cool for you with ~Ko and Crazymew~ I can make a connecting card set of the two in the pose that you have provided. You can find an example here (The top image) www.furaffinity.net: ATC Examples by Hydric I...
  3. Hydric

    YCHs in Famous Paintings

    Thank you everyone who has ordered. I have reached my goal in creating this series and is was a very enjoyable experience! I ended up getting to display some of these pieces in a gallery! I will be moving onto a new project soon but I'm bumping this up because there are 3 paintings still...
  4. Hydric

    YCHs in Famous Paintings

    Update: Gone fishing is no longer available. I'm also currently working on a custom YCH painting. Still have Bathers, Ermine and Fisherman available at the moment.
  5. Hydric

    YCHs in Famous Paintings

    Updated. Finished with Head of Goliath! Also have a new one up to take it's place. Gone Fishing!
  6. Hydric

    YCHs in Famous Paintings

    Updated with 3 more paintings. Two of these are still open!
  7. Hydric

    YCHs in Famous Paintings

    Large bathers link has been updated. You can now see progression on the background.
  8. Hydric

    Looking for A LOT of trades!

    Sorry it took me a bit to post here. Here's my half! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15694597/
  9. Hydric

    Non-Furry Cons n' stuff

    I have seen many suiters at anime cons and they are very friendly. Most of the anime con community accepts furries and attendees just look at them as cosplayers. You'll find rude people, but they are the same people who are rude to overweight cosplayers and such. Not to mentions some people...
  10. Hydric

    Looking for A LOT of trades!

    I'd love to trade for one of you head shot badges for a chibi drawing. Here is an example similar to what I would be drawing. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15680099/ And here is a ref on my sona Cyndrea: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14112204/ (there is some more of her in my gallery)...
  11. Hydric

    Very new furry-- still undecided! But hello!

    Welcome to the site! Don't stress out about "picking" your fursona. Some furs don't even have one, or have multiple. Every thing is up to you. If your not an artist, sometimes it helps to have an artist work with you to design one. I have 3 "sonas" myself and only one of them is even on FA...
  12. Hydric

    YCHs in Famous Paintings

    New painting up! Number 3 is now avaialble with 3 slots. (One painting, 3 different characters) This time we have a painting by Renoir. Let's get naked!
  13. Hydric

    YCHs in Famous Paintings

    Bump up~ Napoleon is still available. "A leader is a dealer in hope." - I really like this quote by him.
  14. Hydric

    YCHs in Famous Paintings

    Update/bump time! Currently available is number 2: Napoleon Bonaparte. C'est hypercool! Mon francais est tres horrible:P
  15. Hydric

    YCHs in Famous Paintings

    YCHs in Famous Paintings *Updated w/ many paintings* Hello again everyone, I’m back with another YCH but this time I’m going to make a thread for the series I’m working on. I’m currently working on a series of paintings involving YCHs. The paintings are all about putting requested...
  16. Hydric

    Seeking a willing artist out there

    Hello Tig. I am interested in working with you on this project. I played a little of 14 so I understand your background. I believe we can work something out to keep the price under $100. My work is traditional so you can even get the physical in your own hands. Here is a link to my FA, please PM...
  17. Hydric

    The Official FAF World of Warcraft Roster List

    I am also on Mal'ganis. Hydric#1870 I just switched over to there getting ready for the new expansion. I've been Ally all my life but I'm finally rolling horde haha. Right now I'm playing monk, but I'll probably main my shaman come WoD.
  18. Hydric

    Bunny_RobinHood Say'n Hello ^-^

    Welcome to FA. Hope you enjoy your stay~ You'll find a lot of gamers here. (Me being one as well) Seems like nowadays everyone's a gamer woo!
  19. Hydric

    Anyone heard of this game?

    I feel very 50/50 about this. The silent hill games are some of my favorite games! I also like what I've played of metal gear. The walking dead TV show isn't bad. (just not my thing) However I'm not sure how all these things are going to come together. Kojima is really taking his time with the...
  20. Hydric

    Man With a Mission US Tour

    The rock/pop band Man With a Mission is having a U.S tour and I thought maybe I would help spread the word in the Fur community. Just a few things to note before I get blasted with hate: This was posted in "off topic" because I understand they have very little to do with anything fur related...