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  1. badkittyamy

    FWA Badges! [OPEN]

    It's once again time for Furry Weekend Atlanta whoop whoop! As usual that means I'm opening up for some badge pre-orders! These are going to be digital laminated printouts all shiny and ready for you when you get to the con and start at $25 (price depending on complexity) Comment here orrrr...
  2. badkittyamy

    Badkittyamy Open for Badge Commissions (In time for FWA! Pickup available!)

    Hello FWA cats and kittens! I'm opening for badges for pickup at FWA. Badges start at $25 These are for pickup at FWA and are digital I may be offering traditional badges *at* the convention but if you want a badge in time for FWA it's best to order them now so that I can have them...
  3. badkittyamy

    I hate Delta

    I need help guys see the I hate delta rant here: http://rantsfordogs.blogspot.com/ Everything to be noted I already stated there so... help me out if you can I was going to set the donation minimum at 1 but the minimum was 10 >_> dash and bother.
  4. badkittyamy

    Open for 5 commissions

    I'm basically open for badge art or small one character sketches. This is the first time I've opened for commissions so hey help a starving art student out. There are 5 spots open (for now we'll see how it goes) It's first come first serve you can see examples of my artwork here...
  5. badkittyamy

    PETA Animal-Cruelty Trial

    The on-again off-again Cruelty to Animals trial of two People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is back “on” … again. The Hertford County, North Carolina Superior Court has set the new trial date for January 22 -- over a year after the defendants, Andrew Cook and Adria Hinkle...
  6. badkittyamy

    Happy Birthday!

    To me ya suckers. 0does the hah i'm 21 dance- thank God now I can drink home and in the states and go to my club again. Yay drag queens here I come.
  7. badkittyamy


    Hello thar the name's Amy and I'm an animation student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. So yes I currently live in Savannah though I hail from the islands of sexiness, better known as The Bahamas. I'm a girl, hot stuff huh? Buuut I have a girlfriend and Domme so neener neer hands...
  8. badkittyamy

    Help the lesbian deprived kitty

    Okay so I love general art and don't mind faving a ton of artists who have mainly male characters. BUT does anyone know any good artists here who do lesbian characters? I'm having a very hard time finding any, it doesn't have to be yiff it just seems that you get an easy time finding straight...