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  1. DrewlyYours

    Something funny to brighten your day

    I haven't found a jokes thread, if this qualifies as a duplicate thread I hope admins will move it accordingly but I don't have all day to look through hundreds of threads, so yeah. You get it. Here's a video I got lots of laughs out of. Please keep this going, post more jokes and videos! I...
  2. DrewlyYours


    Well it's Friday again! YAY! Hope everyone has a great weekend. If not, well there's always next weekend. Yesturday was official "get sick" day at the school i clean. I hope all the lil kiddies got it out of their system yesturday. BRING IT ON! *raises mop overhead, shakes it violently* I've...
  3. DrewlyYours

    Hi, im new here.

    Hello, im new to FA and the fandom in general. Ive been interested in the anthro/furry fandom for a while now. Ive always liked fantasy characters and cartoon animal characters. One day i stumbled upon some videos on youtube and they were at anthrocon i think. But i could see the good people and...