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  1. 8-bit

    Night of the Living Dead 2006 >:[

    ZvCxFkJayg BONUS RANT: Wh-wh-what the FUCK IS THIS SHIT! >:[ I can barely type because I'm so fucking mad! What th- that's not how it's supposed to go! No! He doesn't text barbera he's going to save her, if that's what "****comming 4 you*****" even fucking means! Stop trying to be all Dead...
  2. 8-bit

    My Wii is having trouble reading GC games

    I couldn't decide where to put this thread, so if it's in the incorrect forum, would a mod please move it? For some reason, my Wii sometimes can't read gamecube games. It started a week ago, when I decided to replay Wind Waker. At first, everything was as awesome as I expected it to be. Then...
  3. 8-bit

    Your favorite boss

    We all have bosses we love to fight. What are yours? -------------------- the eight Phases from .hack. Even though only a few of them were tough, the BGM and overall gameplay was more than enough fun for me Clockwerk (Sly Cooper 1&2) Come on. A giant fucking metal bird that shoots lasers...
  4. 8-bit

    Zevos-3 and some NFL cartoon WTF!?

    Okay, I just saw a commercial about "THREE TEENS WHO ARE GIVEN THE POWER BLAH BLAH BLAH" and I thought, "LOL, whatever" until I saw the "Heroes" names. They are fucking fictional characters based on SKETCHERS SHOES! What. the. Fuck. Oh, and some fucking NFL show. "NFL: DEFENDERS OF THE HERP...
  5. 8-bit

    Resident Evil Revelations

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV-3iVWCgXI Oh my god! It looks so good, it's worth buying a 3DS! :3c MUST. HAVE IT.
  6. 8-bit

    I can't "this"

    I've noticed that I no longer have a "this" option. Did I abuse it? Will I get it back? Is this the same for all users?
  7. 8-bit

    Cloverfield 2

    Sure would be nice to stop getting shitty fan trailers and get some actual info. I heard it is the same catastrophe, but from different people who actually survived.
  8. 8-bit

    Ugly Americans

    I love it, I love it, I fucking love it. It makes me lol and doesn't afraid of violence. I'm sad it won't be back until October. WHO ELSE LOVES UGLY AMERICANS!?
  9. 8-bit

    What ever happened to Dave Chappelle?

    Srs. He like quit and moved to Africa? What happened? We miss you, Dave. ;^;
  10. 8-bit

    Furry Vengence

    It's not what you think. It's a dumbass movie about Brendan Frasier wanting to develop a new community in a forrest and the animals get pissed and start fucking up his project until he sees the error of his ways. I'm srs, this is actually a movie.
  11. 8-bit

    RE Afterlife

    What the fuck? At least there using good graphics. I'm still gonna go see it. . . . . FFFFFFFFFFF
  12. 8-bit

    Any furs in OC?

    like it says
  13. 8-bit

    Biohazard 6

    I'd like to know if Steve or Billy or Sherry are alive. Is it going to be like the old, pre-rendered games? Or will it be remade from scratch? Will there be any remnants of Wesker's experiments? Will there be a brand new foe? How's it going to go down!?
  14. 8-bit

    Haunting music

    Stuff that makes you go "BRRRRRRRRR!" but in a good way. For me: .hack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvHc5GQjTSs .hack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgPjpdYdsxk and, of course, Moonlight Sonata Your turn
  15. 8-bit


    So I was at my little sister dance compitition, and you know how they have the names of fund contributors and important people relative to the building on the walls? One of the names was Joeseph Thomas GANNON. I'll say it again. JOESEPH. THOMAS. GANNON win
  16. 8-bit

    THE FUTURE!!!!

    Where the fuck are my fucking flying cars!? And my sex robots!? And Robocop!? And my biohazards!!!!!? WHERE'S THE GODDAMN FUTURE!!!? The Jetsons said we'd have flying cars. Where are they? >:[
  17. 8-bit


    How can we fix it?
  18. 8-bit

    Bored outta my Got-dang skull

    What do you do when you're so bored you just sit and nothing all day long because the boredom is so strong?
  19. 8-bit

    Meme game Z

  20. 8-bit

    Chassin' the bordom away

    What do you do when you're bored? Me- ComedyCentral(minus the over played movies), RE5, nap.