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  1. Kuuro

    Petty Confessions

    Like confessions but petty. What's yours? Every time, like every time, I go to the gym, I set my locker combo to 69-69
  2. Kuuro

    Anybody wanna draw? (also I'm streaming rn!)

    Hey guys, sometimes I stream little draws c: https://picarto.tv/KoanKuuto My artist friend count is also pretty lacking, or even furry friend count for that matter. S if anybody wants to do drawpile or smth sometime I put my discord and main FA account on my profile c;
  3. Kuuro

    Compound-Induced Horror Stories

    Druuuugs, man First off, I'll get any rule-related concerns out of the way -- I do not condone the use of any mind-altering substance, legal or not, nor is this topic aimed at specifically illegal compounds (and from what I've read it's not explicitly against the rules to discuss past...
  4. Kuuro

    Personality traits - How are you growing lately?

    Nobody's perfect, and I'm sure we've all got little things here and there we're working on, at least I certainly hope so! I really admire when people are self aware and even more so when they use it to better themselves. It's always amazing to me when I see some ass hole from high school turn...