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  1. redfox_81

    Human/Anthro media?

    Apologies if this is a regular or obvious query - feel free to move/delete if so. I was wondering if any folks could suggest some notable comics/graphic novels/books/general art out there featuring humans and anthros co-existing in the same world. I'm an artist myself and would be interested to...
  2. redfox_81

    Best online comics/graphic novel reader?

    Can anyone recommend a decent online comics/graphic novel reader, please? Ideally I'd like a service that provides access to material from all the main publishers, which you just pay a monthly fee to use. Sadly, being in the UK, I don't think Comixology's 'Unlimited' option is available here.
  3. redfox_81

    Greetings from the UK!

    I've been lurking on fA for a while and recently set up my account there, so I thought I'd finally open an account on here too. I'm new to the fandom but hope to chat and get to know some of you fine folks! I don't have a fursona as yet. By day I am a full time freelance artist and my interests...