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  1. Okye

    Art Ideas for Practice

    Need species ideas to practice sketching. That's pretty much it.
  2. Okye

    Practice Badges(closed)

    Attach a headshot of your character, and they're name, I would love to make badges(images not physical ones) to practice! I can't guarantee how nice they'll turn out but it will be very helpful for me to work on techniques and my style! Thank you!! Here's an example of one I did for my fursona...
  3. Okye

    Opinion on Yarn Tails?

    I'm curious what you think of yarn tails. Awesome? Hate 'em? Okay when done well? Let's talk about it.
  4. Okye

    Bat Furries

    A place for us bats to meet together. There are too few of us and impossible to find.
  5. Okye

    Looking for help

    Ive been struggling to draw the legs of my fursona's character. Looking for help could someone draw bat/dragon legs for me, to use as a reference/base? I've gotten this far: buttermilkdragon.deviantart.com: Okye WIP I'm grateful for anything, I've been trying to get them right for 3+ hours and...
  6. Okye

    Artistic Liberty Fursuits

    Has anyone had experience with artistic liberty fursuits? I'm very interested in possibly getting one someday. Thoughts on them, etc?
  7. Okye

    Would anyone be interested in yarn tails? (still open)

    So if I made and sold tails using yarn that's been combed out to look like fur would anyone be interested in purchasing then? They would be fully customizable, colors, textures. I could probably make them posable also. These would most likely be more affordable then one that's sewn with...