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  1. pippi

    can we just talk about the fact nealry 20% of furries are zoophiles?

    The fandom isn't about beastiality so....
  2. pippi

    Games with women

    same dude, same!!
  3. pippi

    can we just talk about the fact nealry 20% of furries are zoophiles?

    no, i'm just not attracted to animals XD in any form
  4. pippi

    Explanation please

    dude's on some strong durgs, is my best guess. also probably florida
  5. pippi

    Games with women

    This post alone makes me believe this person is a troll, which is SAD cuz I really wanted them as a friend XD
  6. pippi

    can we just talk about the fact nealry 20% of furries are zoophiles?

    i don't even think anthro art is attractive, and i'm very concerned about the people who do, honestly
  7. pippi

    Help! (Advice needed)

    Etsy was awesome when I had to file for a refund with an unreasonable seller. Have they not even started after 8 months?? if that's the case, you're probably gonna get your refund.
  8. pippi

    Halloween Costumes/Plans?

    I really should use my moth character more, I bet she'd get popufur during this meme. lol
  9. pippi

    Invasive species

    I think they need to be removed if they are causing harm to the native ecosystem, but I don't think they should be killed.
  10. pippi

    Halloween Costumes/Plans?

    duh, I always go trick or treating. i'm not sure what to be yet. we're going to do a group theme of witches at work. for after work, I kinda want to be a moth or some type of bug
  11. pippi

    Have any artsits ever dealt with a commissioner who...

    You really should send WIP to avoid this kind of thing
  12. pippi

    At what age are you considered a greymuzzle?

    I'm 27 and have grey hair :(
  13. pippi

    Fabulous fursuits

    I happen to think this suit is pretty fantastic, and not just because it's mine... hehe :p
  14. pippi


    lol, i'm otherkin. I've noticed a LOT of furries don't like us for some reason, I guess they think we're cringy.
  15. pippi

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    This made me laugh at work and then made everyone I showed it to laugh.
  16. pippi


    It's something quite a few people think about at least once in their life, there's no shame in venting every once in a while.
  17. pippi


    I'm the clumsiest person ever, i'm always getting hurt. Most recent injury probably when I fell, but it ended up just being a lot of bruises. Last bloody injury was ripping off part of a nail. Not sure what the worst injury was. I broke my arm as a baby. I got my...down below ripped open...
  18. pippi

    Hybrid Fursonas?

    <-- I'm a skunk/cat. I really like bird hybrids. I saw a macaw/wolf or something like that, and a parakeet dragon. super cute
  19. pippi

    good good, just as it should be >:3

    good good, just as it should be >:3