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  1. Shadowhawkart

    Request: Anyone Wanna Draw a Grumpy Wolf-Dragon?

    I recently designed my sona and I'm in love with her design and would be super grateful if anyone would be willing to do art of her: As long as it's not NSFW, any art (or anything really) would be amazing! Any art styles welcome! If she tickles your fancy, go forth be free do the artsy...
  2. Shadowhawkart

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Custom Character Gatcha! $7+ (OPEN)

    Official FurAffinity Post can be found here, though you can order here as well! Note: All color palettes shown above are ones I found free to use and are allowed to be used for profit. Red Gatcha! Random Roll: $7.00 Yellow Gatcha! Species Choice, Random Color Palette: $10.00 Green Gatcha...
  3. Shadowhawkart

    Art Trade: Art Trades doot doot doot (OPEN)

    Wanting to make some more commission examples and wanting some more art so thought I'd do some-a these! ouo Looking for more art of either of these two girls: I'd prefer to trade with someone of equal ability in terms of art. Here's my gallery for examples! Gonna take ehhh, three slots...
  4. Shadowhawkart

    Sketchbook: Scarlet's Arts + Doodle Dump

    DeviantArt ~~~ FurAffinity ~~~ Youtube ~~~ Commissions Decided to revamp this one as well 'cause I feel like my art has gotten better! ouo Huzzah here have some art. Critiques, helpful tips and stuff are welcome! c: Thank you for perusing my stuff! <3
  5. Shadowhawkart

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Scarlet's Comms! (Icons, Stickers, Refs, + More!) $5 - $50!

    DeviantArt ~~~ FurAffinity ~~~ Youtube Decided to revamp my commissions entirely cause it's been a minute and I feel like my art has improved since then! ouo With that done, let's get to the prices and examples! <3 Headshots / Icons Flatcolor: $5.00 /// Shaded: $8.00 Can be turned into...
  6. Shadowhawkart

    Selling+Shipping Out Traditional Works?

    Hey there! I've been dabbling a lot in more traditional mediums (india ink, charcoal and conte crayons specifically), and have been considering doing commissions in those in the future possibly. Do any of you have any advice on how you'd go about shipping a work out to the commissioner once...
  7. Shadowhawkart

    How Do You Stay Motivated?

    I dunno about any of you, but honestly when it comes to me I can sometimes lose motivation to work on things or keep practicing drawing, especially when I feel insecure about my art. In case you guys were curious about me I'll drop a bit of my art here, along with a recent animation I did...
  8. Shadowhawkart

    Interest Check: Animation Commissions?

    Holy crap, I haven't been on here in freaking forever. Anyways! I've been really delving into animation recently, and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in ordering a couple animation commissions from me in the future if I were to open them up this summer. This is my youtube channel if...
  9. Shadowhawkart


    I'm a bit of a newbie here, but I hope to ease in and learn my way around FA (eventually). My Userpage can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shadowhawkart/ And my DeviantArt Page can be found here (I have a lot more art on there): http://shadowhawkart.deviantart.com/ I'm a fan...