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  1. Tatsuo chan

    Looking for Pokémon rp

    Hi! I'm once again craving for a Pokémon rp really badly. Either NSFW or SFW is fine. But if we do go NSFW, I want it to be romantic and cute. I like adventure, action and rivalry plots, possibly with some slice of life elements. Wholesomeness and some playful elements also peeks my interest...
  2. Tatsuo chan

    I'm once again looking for a long time Pokémon rp

    Konnichiwa! Tatsuo-chan's back at it again. And like usual, I'm craving for a Pokémon rp... This time, focus on either Pokémon or trainers is fine. I really love plots where the characters develop and grow stronger, so that's an absolute must. I'm also really fond of wholesome friendships...
  3. Tatsuo chan

    Seeking long time Pokémon rp

    Hi! I'm looking for a Pokémon rp. I will NOT rp sex under any circumstances but anything else is totally allowed. I'm really fond of Pokémon battles and character development, battles are an absolute MUST. I can do lit and semi lit. The character I want to play is a Reshiram named Tatsuo. She...
  4. Tatsuo chan

    Seeking long term Pokémon rp

    Konichiwa! I'm seeking a roleplay partner for a long term sfw Pokémon roleplay. I prefer playing as pokemon but playing a trainer is also fun! Pm me if you're interested.
  5. Tatsuo chan

    Seeking pokemon vore/inflation rp

    Konichiwa! I'm looking for a pokemon rp. Vore, inflation,stuffing/weight gain and growth are my main ideas right now but i can possibly do normal clean rp or gore too. I don't rp prey in vore but i can play any role in inflation and stuffing. I often incorporate some growth or weight gain in...
  6. Tatsuo chan

    Seeking pokemon rp

    Hi! I'm seeking a pokemon rp. I love action and romance rp and would like to combine those 2. However, all nsfw content fades to black. No trainers, just pokemon. I would prefer if you rp as a little and cute pokemon but i'm open to other pokemon as well. My OC is a young and battleworn Reshiram...
  7. Tatsuo chan

    Seeking group pokemon team X trainer rp!

    Alola pokemon fans and welcome to the kalos region! Here you will go on many new adventures! So, this will basically be a road to success pokemon rp, i will play as a shiny ralts, you can play whatever you want except legendary or mythical! Vore will be allowed but no sex