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  1. Zeitzbach

    Posting Commissions

    The point of your page is to show off everything you made that you want to show, a gallery. Even if you already hand it to the other side, the piece is still credited to you as its creator. This is why even when commission upload the piece on their own page, they always credit the artist and it...
  2. Zeitzbach

    Adoptables: scam or great chance?

    That's pretty much what adoptable are, paying for random designs. This kind of reskin practice does end up helping people find a certain base style that need to get going. I know a dude who bought an adoptable and later asked me to help tone down some of the design so he can use it in the...
  3. Zeitzbach

    As an artist seeking commissions...

    I'm sure the customers are still around. My workflow has been stable for a few months now and the people who commissioned from me are going around recommending me to their friends or getting me to draw a gift art for them to get them interested in art so it has been getting better and better...
  4. Zeitzbach

    Art Insecurity Kinda?

    As long as you make enough greats piece and is very diligent, you will climb up the fame ladder . It's way better to have people remember you for your unique touches and style instead of being completely treated as a shadow copy where people will just assume the picture is actually drawn by...
  5. Zeitzbach

    do you guys post some nekomimi/humans on FA?

    I have them uploaded cause why not? Sure they aren't as popular but people will appreciate it if it's good enough for them.
  6. Zeitzbach

    I'm considering doing NSFW art... Advice?

    Depends on how bright you want your future to be. The moment you draw start drawing NSFW to make money, your name is forever tainted and this is a fact. Just look up how often famous mangaka or artists will get a random articles saying something like "10 Famous artists you didn't know used to...
  7. Zeitzbach

    Tips on Consistent Art?

    Set up reference points for your character that is easy for you to remember. For example, saying something like "hands are almost as large as the head" and "Shoulder is 2.5 head in width" will go a long way in fixing how large the head usually is and then, that also fixes the hand. When this...
  8. Zeitzbach

    How do you not get discouraged?

    I tried speaking slower in the next one so it should be way easier to understand. I might add subtitles if it becomes way too hard even with reduced speed.
  9. Zeitzbach

    How do you not get discouraged?

    I try talking about it here and cover what I feel to be the core issues of art block and how I deal with it. Tl;dw : Set goals that you can enjoy and fulfill everyday so you always feel like you are moving forward. If your main reason to draw is something that will make you enjoy drawing even...
  10. Zeitzbach

    How do you not get discouraged?

    You're supposed to compare to someone else and set a standard or a goal to follow. If you don't compare, you will just end up being very stagnant. === I did a quick video on why drawing a lot every day isn't always great so this might be useful. If not, try asking why you're drawing. If...
  11. Zeitzbach

    Paid for Commission. No replies or updates from Artist.

    The money is long gone now if the Artist is ignoring it.
  12. Zeitzbach

    How do you decide what to charge?

    Draw a lot to know how fast it take you to work at certain quality. Then charge by hour based on that. My rate is about 10 per hour but usually, I miscalculate when freedom is given since I always add stuff that feel like it's unique to me and it drops to about 7-8$ an hour. Don't try to...
  13. Zeitzbach

    What do you think of - Free Art

    Guilt tripping and sob journaling are two of the few things most artists who don't spend time drawing are good at. Especially if the other side ends up saying "I will commission you when I have the money" because a friend I know literally got a piece after saying that and the dude was like "Pay...
  14. Zeitzbach

    What do you think of - Free Art

    If you do a bunch of requests, you will just get some people who watch you because they think they can get some free pieces off you. So if you're gonna do free arts, accept something that isn't just for personal sake unless you're just feeling generous. Even so, doing free art, while it seems...
  15. Zeitzbach

    How can I be more imaginative and creative?

    A good balance is not adding so much that you can't add anymore, but taking enough that nothing can be removed anyway. So being simple isn't that bad. On the other hand, having too much and you can expect this reaction often by artists. But if you want to have an easy time with marking and...
  16. Zeitzbach

    Is Furry art a failure?

    The value of an art piece is not determined by the artist. It is determined by the people looking at it. Even if the said piece is extremely pretty, if the community interest is of something else, the piece won't be viewed as great. Same goes to movie/animation. If the people viewing it has a...
  17. Zeitzbach

    Is Furry art a failure?

    It's easy to feel like you're working just for recognition and appreciation when you're not locked by monetary chain. This is why you see a lot of young gifted artists offering great pictures for less than scrap value and still feel comfortable because they still get allowances and 90% of the...
  18. Zeitzbach

    Is Furry art a failure?

    Furaffinity is a marketplace. Marketplace is where you make stuffs that sell. To bring up another point why people don't start getting creative after they have enough exposure, drawing is like making a gaming channel/streaming. If you are popular for playing a certain game, you can only play...
  19. Zeitzbach

    Flawed Self-Advertisement (AKA, You're Just Begging)

    If bumping is involved, I just make sure there's a whole new picture involved. No "bump bump bump" but instead, something like "Here's a recently completed piece for blahblahlbah" or a completely new piece that fits one of the category being sold. Sure that does take a lot of work and you might...
  20. Zeitzbach

    Tipping Artists

    I remember I used to undercharge myself and putting a tip thing in the profile hoping to please as many people as possible and they will tip me back in return. It was a bad move. I was actually really surprised and happy when I got a tip once but for almost every other situation, it feels bad to...