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  1. Madame

    Pony OC Requests

    I'm really in the mood to draw some MLP characters. If you have an original pony character (or an OC you'd like to be pony-cized), please feel free to post a reference and any pose requests (G-PG, please). If it's a non-pony character to be pony-cized, please also let me know what you want your...
  2. Madame

    Bust and Full Body Commissions Open

    Looking to make a bit of cash before graduation in case I don't have a job lined up for after by the time May rolls around. So, I've been open for commissions for a while, but I thought I'd finally advertise on the forums. If you're interested, please message me here or note me with a reference...
  3. Madame

    What Makes a Short Story Fail?

    Posting one of my recent short stories on DA and asking for a critique on the forums there, I received this comment from the gel whose thread I posted in: She hadn't read the story, but did take the time to read my description in the comments section below the piece. It included some back...
  4. Madame

    Critique Request: We'll Always Have Wizmar

    Title: We'll Always Have Wizmar Word Count: ~1,500 Summary: Set in the aftermath of a terrible row with her master/guide in the magical arts, Conrad Markem, Madison Eyes (an Ice Sage) must drag her broken, cursed body across the city of Wizmar to reach her friend, and the one creature who will...
  5. Madame

    In the Spirit of the Holidays ((CLOSED))

    ((CLOSED)) Ciao, folks. Holiday's are coming up and it means I'm in the giving spirit, so...if you'd like me to draw your character, lemme know. Post up your desc along with any reference pics here, or PM me. First come, first serve as I'm only going to be taking five requests. Also, I have...
  6. Madame

    Critique, s'il vous plaît

    Well, I find that most of my art gets "that's cute" or "that's cool", but little in the way of actual critiques. I'd really like to improve because I know that there's plenty of room for it. These are two pieces I have with very similar poses, but different line weights. Would some of you kind...