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  1. Krystallwolvelt

    New zelda game for wii

    Recently I just read there is word about nintendo doing another Zelda game for the wii, there is so far not much to say about this game but what would you guys/girls want in this sequal or should nintendo keep it on hold for a while and work on other games such as new metroid sequals or remake...
  2. Krystallwolvelt

    What protection software should I use?

    Guys I need help here I need a good antivirus program for my windows xp two months ago I wasn't aware that antivirus 2009 was spyware and my friends n furry friends got spam from me thats when I got warned about AV2009 lucky I was able to get rid of it. I'm currently using Mozilla Firefox but...
  3. Krystallwolvelt

    Devil may cry anime release dates

    The anime show is supposed to be realsed by now in english on DVD by now unless I got the american date. Does anyone know when its coming out to the UK and has it come to the USA yet as well. I've already seen it in japanesse its kick ass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su7xrBnMPUc
  4. Krystallwolvelt

    5 most wanted games this year and 5 you recomend to others

    You know the theme of this thread talk or list your top 5 games you want this year or possibly beginning of 2009 and recomend 5 games to other people on this forum either old or new. 1. Mario Kart Wii (I prefer Mario Kart the brawl but I still love brawl) 2. Resident Evil 5 3. Track and...
  5. Krystallwolvelt

    Available for comissions

    First time I'm doing comissions online I've stoped doing freebies online and in reality for furries and now since I currently job searching I will need your help by comissioning me to draw porn or clean artwork for you. I do not draw cub porn so don't ask for that please. Sketches cost...
  6. Krystallwolvelt

    Rocket Knight Adventures

    How many people on this forum and FA website remember Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster on the Genesis (aka Megadrive in the UK) and Super Nintendo. this trilogy is one of my top 5 retro games of all time and if you haven't played either of these games then you must try it out I recomend...
  7. Krystallwolvelt

    Finaly a Resident Evil 5 gameplay trailer

    (This text is copied from my FA journal) www.furaffinity.net/user/Krystallwolvelt http://uk.media.xbox360.ign.com/med.....80/vids_1.html (Video on the top left dated 26 July) Its about time capcome released a first gameplay trailer of RE5 and the gameplay is the same but much more harder...
  8. Krystallwolvelt

    UK fur meet 29th July

    I read the update on Londonfur.co.uk website. its located in charring cross quite close to the south eastern train station. I want to know who in this forum in the UK or other origins is gonna show up? I'm gonna be there I can get there by train for free, cause I have a staff pass. if...
  9. Krystallwolvelt

    Nintendo Parody Videos

    I wanted to start a thread where you girls/guys can upload links of videos, animations or flashes that you like from Nintendo. Only post one at a time until someone else replys here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmOg41l7EMI (Zelda Wind Waker: Wii Adventure)
  10. Krystallwolvelt

    Resident evil umbrella chronicles gameplay video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh_-jvhascE Go to Ign.com or Capcom.jp for the first 30sec trailler of the wii game. This game is tougher than the RE remake, but this gameplay video is supposed to have Rebecca and Billy Coen to.
  11. Krystallwolvelt

    Nintendo Wii Update (Full Version of Internet Channel)

    A Wii system update is required before you download the full version, the Wii shop channel will give you the infomation you need. For more infomation that I haven't mentioned read your Wii console instructions manual. (April 12th) For the Nintendo Wii users who go online who are visiting...
  12. Krystallwolvelt

    Avenue Q

    The Website http://www.avenueqthemusical.co.uk/?gclid=CMK_0OL6tYkCFRHZXgodt2HsMA Music videos n some live shows that used Avenue's songs http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Avenue+Q I recomend you listen to the full version of the song "I'm gay but I'm not gay" lol funny song.
  13. Krystallwolvelt

    Fan Clubs

    I've been thinking that FA should try and let members create thier own Fan club of a anime, film, game or Tv series. The rules are just the same as on Deviantart for thoose that own a DA page and in a or were in a DA club. But it cannot be a club about a artist though like for example if...
  14. Krystallwolvelt

    Whats on your shitlist?

    Something I made up spread this quiz to other members or outsiders if you wanna also tell us all what you hate on your shitlist What has made it on my shit list. (I've changed the list) 1. Pedo's. 2. Kids. 3. Anyone that hates my kind of music. 4. DeviantART. 5. Y!gallery...
  15. Krystallwolvelt

    Final Fantasy 7 series

    (WARNING) THIS THREAD CONTAINS SPOILERS THAT YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW OF YET SO IF YOU LIKE TO KEEP IT A SECRET THEN DON'T READ ALL OF THIS I thought I'd start a thread about the whole Final Fantasy 7 games n film since its one of the best games of all time and one of the two final fantasy games...
  16. Krystallwolvelt

    Nintendo Wii and DS UK Tour

    http://ms.nintendo-europe.com/wii/?site=uk_tour.html&l=enGB There are the dates, sorry this information is posted kinda half way during thier tour. I'm so psyched up about nintendo for the last few months I'm even going back to playing Mario games now also before I started playing mario...
  17. Krystallwolvelt

    XXXmas list

    Its early, but its better to buy christmas stuff early to evade the long cues. Nintendo Wii Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii ver) Simpsons series 7 and 3 KoRn "See you on the other side", "live on the other side" and Guitar hero 2 Other stuff I'm gonna get for myself Final...
  18. Krystallwolvelt

    Can I have one of my Legendz fanart coloured plz?

    I haven't got round to colouring this in so can anyone finish this off since I've got other things on my hands also new art to. I only want this coloured only on the computer so don't use pencils or pens or paints to colour this in please. here is the sketch...
  19. Krystallwolvelt

    Buy new zelda game on either Gamecube or Wii

    most likely people will get the gamecube version of Twilight princess because I'm going for the GC version to since I can't afford a wii yet also its the last console on my list at the moment cause next I'm gonna try n get a 360.
  20. Krystallwolvelt

    Normal snapshots of a person should be in the scrap section

    Normal snapshots of a person should be in the scrap section or not on FA at all. I do like photographs of people but only if its to show off somthing they own or wear or if it is your computer, somthing at a shop or other cool places or somthing like that thoose kind of Photographs are good...