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  1. IntrepidRedBlueFox

    Your Finished Works Here!

    You got a finished piece you're proud of, or you want to show of your work with your fellow forum goers, here is the place! Here's mine: Bigger size: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v285/Negativefox/flag-4.jpg Now let's show yours. No sketches or doodles please.
  2. IntrepidRedBlueFox

    Lineart critique

    And any critique you want. It could be a demonstration/tutorial thread but...0: It could be full of ice cream. I just can't change the bloody title. ]:< Alright people these are the works in progress, now comment/critique if you want, for practice or something...
  3. IntrepidRedBlueFox

    I deserve some cheesy greetings!

    What do you guys say? (Hello Everyone!)