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  1. K

    sewing machines

    Can anyone recommend a good sewing machine for fursuits? One that won't break if I try to sew together 2"+ pile fur? Don't really need anything fancy beyond that...thanks!
  2. K

    Where to shop for plushies - Plushie Proximity Locator?

    So I've started to realize that there aren't very many retail stores that sell plushies (at least, non-lame ones). There is at least one web site out there that lists a few stores by location but doesn't give a whole lot of information and hasn't been updated in years. Which gave me an idea...
  3. K


    Hello, I've actually been a member of the forum here for a couple months but just wanted to say Hi since I posted randomly in another thread a little while ago. I'm fairly new to the fandom - around March of '08 is when I'd say I really got into it - but I've had a passing interest/curiosity...