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  1. Anxiety-Collar

    Leaky Cave Transformation Comic Commissions

    Leaky Cave is known for its mystery, no one who enters comes out...or do they? Dare to take a short 3 panel ride through this cave? only $30/$10 per panel for a sketched and colored adventure through this cave (may be more for more then 1 passenger) email me at decadent.delightful@gmail.com...
  2. Anxiety-Collar

    Open for Commissions! sfw and nsfw

    Hello, i'm X. I am offering commissions (sfw or nsfw) I am looking to do maybe 1 or 2 more complicated commissions (full illustration/character ref sheet/full shade) and lets say...5, for now, sketches. so get'em while they're hot! The finished product may be reposted with proper credit to the...