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  1. tharesan.alae

    Fast, Quality, Anthro

    Contact me on my deviantart http://tharesan.deviantart.com/ FA doesn't work for me. I don't come to this forum often, so you may get slow service if you contact me here. Commission I've ever done: 9 Commission Slots 1.empty 2.empty 3.empty 4.empty 5.empty...
  2. tharesan.alae

    Why haven't I done this yet?

    Here's Tharesan. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10023758/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10155446/ He's a wolf, because they are the most beautiful animal to me, and they have many behavioral aspects that I like. He's white/bright silver because I like that color. I have wavy hair, blue...
  3. tharesan.alae

    Is rabies a problem?

    Is rabies a problem for our fursonas/furry characters/whatevers? It would be pretty sad if it was :\. What do you guys think? Go wiki some rabies in animals for some interesting trivia lol.
  4. tharesan.alae

    Canine for Canine, Perhaps Equine too

    Hiya, I'm looking for anyone who would like to do an art trade. I draw wolves and horses, so I'd like to stay within that. Fantasy is my forte, but I wouldn't mind going outside of that. I'll just set up some guidelines and instructions down below. -Again, canine or equine is preferred...
  5. tharesan.alae

    What's Your Favorite Dog Breed(s)?

    What's your favorite breed(s) of dog? Mine are German Shepherd, Husky, and Akita. You can tell what kind of aesthetic I like in my dogs lol. I also have a German Shepherd, but have never owned the other two. I decided I'd draw my favorite breeds since I haven't done that before. If you...
  6. tharesan.alae

    Feel like I'm plateaued, looking for a push in the right direction

    So yeah, been drawing for a year, made some great improvements, but I feel a little plateaued. I feel like there's many options in front of me, but I don't have anyone to give me any feedback on when I'm doing something right or wrong. The only people in my immediate vicinity are those kind of...
  7. tharesan.alae

    What kind of furry art do you like most?

    So I'm wondering what is your favorite genre of furry art. This will just be a poll. If you want to post more about it, you can do that, too. Normal Life: Furries in regular normal life scenes. Nothing too eccentric here. Fantasy: Furries in fantasy/medieval settings. Swords, magic...
  8. tharesan.alae

    Hello everybody

    Hiya, I'm Tharesan. I've been on FA for a little while and thought I'd maybe come and do some forum stuff. I'm a digital artist who likes wolves and horses. I also animate, and that's something I'd like to do for the rest of my life, hopefully. Hmm, what can I say about myself more than...
  9. tharesan.alae

    Commissions for Anthro Wolves and Horses (SFW)

    High Quality Commissions for Wolves, Horses, Dragons (SFW) Types of Projects - High Quality digital Art of Anthro Wolves and Horses and dragons. Completion time is 1-7 days. --choice of full body, knees and up, waist and up, or bust. Wolves are my specialty. I will draw normal and...