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  1. Kaku


    Hey gaiz of the Art Exchange subforum! I'm Kaku. And I like to draw. Wanna trade? Please go here for my trade information. [It's a journal about trades I posted on FA.] Leave a comment on that journal, or in this thread, if you'd like to trade. Please note: ~I can refuse if I don't...
  2. Kaku

    Does anybody like my work enough to want to trade with me?

    Hey guys~ Kaku here. & I'm looking for art trades! I'm pretty much almost done with all the art I owe people, & I lack inspiration. Therefore, I'd like to get some more trades started! **IF YOUR CHARACTER LOOKS TOO HARD FOR ME TO DRAW, I have the right to decline your trade request. Sorry.**...
  3. Kaku

    Kind-of Sort-of Taking TRADES!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/352303/ Check out my journal and comment on it if you'd like to do a sketch or icon trade, or something. I give sketches for icons, too. Just 'cause I'm an icon whore. My references are in my journal entry and in my gallery on FA. Thanks so much, Kaku PS...
  4. Kaku

    Icons Request!

    I'm looking to build up a collection of 100x100-pixel icons to use on FA. I give credit in my user description any time I use an icon someone else has made me. So, if you'd be so kind [all of you!] as to make me icons [100x100 pixels, please], I'd deeply appreciate it! So far, I have one...
  5. Kaku

    "Couple" Request [NOW WITH RAINBOWS!!]

    "Couple" Request [NOW WITH RAINBOWS!!] So hey guys. All you artists out there want to draw me somethin'? Pretty please? :D All I ask is a picture of my two characters [brother and sister] named Victoria & Raphael. They're wolf-fox hybrids, "folves," in my words; they have the face shape of a...
  6. Kaku

    Books Are Entertainment, Too!

    So, what's your favorite book? :D
  7. Kaku

    Roller Coaster Tycoon

    Lately, I've been addicted to this game. And I mean the original. Anybody else love this game as much as I do? How many parks have you unlocked? What's your favorite park to start off with? Do you own the expansion pack, Corkscrew Follies? And discuss anything else related to the topic.
  8. Kaku

    A Request for All You Artists

    If any of you great artists want to take on a request, I'd love to get some pictures of my character, Kaku, drawn. She's a genet, which you can find reference pictures of here...
  9. Kaku

    Hey, All.

    Hey, all. I've been a member of the FA art community since February and thought I'd join up in the forums. I don't have a set fursona, but my username is the name of one of my characters--a genet, a species which is related to the civet. I'm big into drawing, although I'm not really that...