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  1. DennyFrontier

    Projects you are working on

    I ordered the control arms for the front end last night... Three of the four are on back order for at least five weeks... Are people really going through that many of them? Since there is not much I can do right now I thought I could show a picture of some work on the bumpers I had done last...
  2. DennyFrontier

    Projects you are working on

    You certainly have an eye for detail (and a much more steady hand than I do). Love the miniature theme as well. If you got more pictures keep them coming!
  3. DennyFrontier

    Terrible Awful No Good Roommate

    Oh my goodness I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be to deal with someone so difficult. Be thankful you did not sign a joint contract with him and get shafted with the other half of the bills. I wouldn't be kind enough to give him a month, I would have given him a two weeks (if that)...
  4. DennyFrontier

    Anybody wants to chat with me? Any topic is welcome.

    I like vore as much as the next guy but keep it in the bedroom will ya
  5. DennyFrontier

    Me as a gamer.... Do I suck?

    As long as you enjoy the game you're playing I don't see a reason to fret about it. Ive been playing GTA Online for years now and theres always gonna be those assholes who can kill you with one shot from a 9mm over 500 yards away. Just remember to have fun!
  6. DennyFrontier

    Anybody wants to chat with me? Any topic is welcome.

    Muscle. Ive got a 1965 Cutlass and a 1971 split bumper Camaro.
  7. DennyFrontier

    Anybody wants to chat with me? Any topic is welcome.

    I restore old cars and I really like scotch. Try a glass of Dewars if you get the chance!
  8. DennyFrontier

    How did you become a furry?

    Growing up I've always thought werewolves were hot and eventually I went online and discovered furries and that's what did me in lol. As far as telling people I don't think its really any of their business. My best friend knows and we joke about it but everyone else Ive left in the dark lol...
  9. DennyFrontier

    Anybody wants to chat with me? Any topic is welcome.

    Do you have any unique hobbies or favorite things to do? What is your favorite drink?
  10. DennyFrontier

    Talking about the Undertale fanbase

    Undertale was an OK game... I don't see why people made such a big deal about it though. Just because it had some "furry" characters in it? The fan base can really put people off of a game sometime.
  11. DennyFrontier

    Things that irk you!

    Even though we have a wide and long enough driveway my girlfriend insists on parking right NEXT to my truck. She would rather struggle to get out instead of just staggering the cars in the driveway so she can comfortably open the door. No matter how many times I bitch about it she wont listen. I...
  12. DennyFrontier

    Projects you are working on

    Glad to hear that you were able to get back to work on it. What is it you're playing?
  13. DennyFrontier

    Talk about a movie you've seen recently!

    I just saw Shooter for the first time on TV. It was alright but Im not a huge fan of Mark Walhberg
  14. DennyFrontier

    The Sims

    I remember playing it for the first time when it was new—The Sims immediately worked its way to my heart and became my favorite game. Still, after 17 years, I play this game and enjoy it as much as I did the day I bought it and I have no intention on letting up. Nothing on this Earth can compete...
  15. DennyFrontier

    Week-end and free time

    Friday night my friends and I usually go out to the bar for a couple of drinks and Sunday morning I like to have a fresh pot of coffee and catch the PowerNation shows on TV
  16. DennyFrontier

    Bizarre/Amusing videos on YouTube?

    I saw this on Cops last night and I just had to find it on Youtube so I could see the comments lol
  17. DennyFrontier

    Projects you are working on

    This is an awesome project! I particularly love father/son restorations because it reminds me of working with my dad when I was a kid. I hope you share pictures of the progress and work you do on the car because I am eager to see it. I'm not familiar with European cars, but there is usually an...
  18. DennyFrontier

    AMD vs Nvidia

    Ive always preferred Nvidia. I think they perform a little better than their counterpart. Plus it looks better
  19. DennyFrontier

    What's your favorite qoute?

    "Mirrors are more fun than television" -The Pink Flamingo
  20. DennyFrontier

    Things that irk you!

    Windows 7.