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  1. RhelArts

    CHIBI YCH - Santa Paws

  2. RhelArts

    What digital art tablet do you use?

    Wacom Intuos CTL-480. I'm aiming to get my hands on a Kamvas to make it easier to draw though, the small tablet is giving me joint pain and having to position it on my desk just right is very bad for my swollen elbows :[
  3. RhelArts

    Fundamentals and how they should be done

    You should have a mix of both. The fundamentals aren't always The Best, but it's silly to say they shouldn't be able to be incorporated into fun stuff, too! Practice anatomy with your OC, do a cool perspective shot of your favorite character, play with bounce lighting with an object from your...
  4. RhelArts

    How do other artists line so neatly?

    The biggest trick I can give you is make a line in one fluid motion. I can't really explain it too well in text, but rather than repeatedly 'sketching' over where you want your lines, focus on instead making the full stroke in one motion. This will involve a LOT of ctrl+z, but produces much...
  5. RhelArts

    CHIBI YCH - Santa Paws

    Got a fresh, hot, shiny new YCH for you folks, straight off the stove! In celebration of the holiday season coming up, I've got a cutesy little chibi YCH for folks who might be interested! This YCH will have multiple slots, your choice in character, colors, and expression, and is super...
  6. RhelArts

    Take 2 - First Ref Sheet Request

    Congrats on finding an artist!! And thank you for the kind words <3 <3
  7. RhelArts

    If you could be A anthropomorphic animal

    I don't mean to be off topic or interject but uh, if you're going to use someone else's artwork to edit, you might want to include a credit and get permission from the original artist. As an artist, the worst thing someone can do is use my original pieces for themselves. Anyways, I don't think...
  8. RhelArts

    Take 2 - First Ref Sheet Request

    I would love taking up this commission! Currently my only reference sheets are of humans, and they're rather basic since I'm remaking everybody's refs and don't see the need for something extravagant for myself, and I want a very minimalistic aesthetic for them, but I can change the format...
  9. RhelArts

    What's your fursona?

    a cat alien of some sort! i haven't really worked the ins and outs out yet, but i sure love him.
  10. RhelArts

    Show me the evolution of your fursonas

    bahaha, he's got huge pawhands and i love them! glad you like him :D
  11. RhelArts

    Rate Your Furry Fandomness

    like a three? i've got furry characters and enjoy the anthropomorphic animal thing, but i really don't like furry-related fetishes, fursuits, furcons, or anything like that, and i certainly don't consider myself any of the stereotypes or a huge part of the fandom. i do participate a lot on the...
  12. RhelArts

    Tracing real photos to help learn

    Tracing over real life photographs isn't a terribly abhorrent thing IF you're smart about what you're doing. Exclusively relying on tracing to produce art isn't productive at all, but as a warm up exercise -- or one of those exercises where you trace over a real image, then draw the real image...
  13. RhelArts

    When, if ever, do you unwatch someone?

    Usually if their personality is obnoxious to me, if they constantly complain/whine/pine for comissions/etc., or if they post weird fetishes I don't care for.
  14. RhelArts

    Seeking Humanoid Artists to Draw my OCs!

    Hi hello! I'm a humanoid artist - in fact, that's my specialty/niche! Depending what you want my prices range from $10-100+, but the more expensive things are only for paintings/heavy rendering. I could offer fullbodies with no background for around $50! Feel free to look at my examples, and...
  15. RhelArts

    Show me the evolution of your fursonas

    let's see here.. the only original thing i have of ren is this then this was his second design and now we're finally here! edit: it's an art style development too, i guess!
  16. RhelArts


    Your colors look a little bit muddled in that first one because it kinda looks like you're shading with black and then blurring it. That makes your art look very muddy and unclear and flat. My recommendation would be to use a dark blue or purple, whatever feeling you're going for, and do...
  17. RhelArts

    Can't finish commissions - please help

    This is why you're miserable and why nobody wants to spend a lot of money on you. Go make a market somewhere else, if you're only drawing for customers you're going to hate it. I really don't understand what the point of this thread was at all - if all you're going to do is complain about the...
  18. RhelArts

    Drawing With or Without References?

    Those people are wrong, plain and simple. Not really an argument to be had.