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  1. Feliscede

    Commissions Open

    Commissions are open now! >Prices< Note that: -Paypal Only! -Payment in USD Only! -Payment in advance! It's standard procedure to commissions - Either SFW and NSFW are okay! The price may rise, depending on extreme circumstances (background and character detail, radical changes, etc.)...
  2. Feliscede

    Anthro Comic on Tapastic

    Check out the webcomic that I'm currentyl working on. It's called Ebon Fire! Ebon Fire :: Prologue | Tapastic Comics Critics and tips are welcomed Thank you! "Someone or something threatens the city of the Ants. Another night and another ant disappear mysteriously. The guards ask the Queen for...
  3. Feliscede

    Help my Fursona Design part 2

    So, after the first part of the poll, I've gattered everyone's votes and these two got first place! So to decide, once and for all, I've made different personalities. -One is easygoing,nonchalant and playful; -The other is more quiet, profound and shy. But has a deep passion in his words...
  4. Feliscede

    Submition Problem

    Hi, I'm having a submition problem where I try to post a new pic but after some time, the browser cuts into an error page. I tried closing and opening the browser, different browsers, restarting the pc. Please help! Thank you.